Guide to Research

All available important information on Dickinson’s poems and Hans’s work on them is provided in the underlying Data Base:

• Poem numbers (Johnson and Franklin numbers)
• Fascicle number
HWL packet (90’s, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J)
• Date (Year, Month, Day) when written by HWL
• First line
• Classification: H – hetero, L – lesbian content, M – masturbation, A – aberrant, S: secret language.

In the Poems section of the Archives, all 1173 poems analyzed by Hans are listed. Free access to the first twenty poems gives an idea of the range of analyses Hans provides for each poem. Clicking on the poem number or title will open Hans’s transcription of the poem, together with his analysis and commentary. Holding your mouse over the Johnson poem number in the Poems Section will show the corresponding Franklin number. Category location and list of symbols included in the poem are given at the end. All symbol terms are marked in red; holding your mouse over the symbol will show a brief definition; clicking will open the full preanalysis assumption with Hans’s initial interpretation and a list of other poems in which the same term appears. Under Research Options, you may also search for the poems that include specific items by selecting one or more options.


You may also choose to search the archives through the Symbols section. Here, clicking on one of the symbols will open up its definition and the poems in which it appears. In the Categories section, you may search by category. Clicking on one of the categories listed will open up the list of poems included in that category. You may wish to search by the date (year, month, day) or period of time when written by Hans, whereby you will have to observe that, unfortunately, not all of his analysis bear such a date. Users with full access may choose to contribute their own ideas to Hans’s analysis or to the identification of categories by commenting on the respective poem.

Finally we invite users with full access to write critical essays under the respective section.