Synonyms: dawns

Assumption: that “dawn” is a symbol can hardly be doubted. It belongs into a group that starts with “Midnight” and goes over to “Aurora”, “dawn”, "sunriseā€œ, “morning”, “noon”, “afternoon”, “evening”, “sunset”, “twilight” and “night”. Also a differentiation in morning hours exists: 3 o’clock, 4 o’clock", etc. I have made many explorations into this maze, but as of now all insights are more or less preliminary, need further refinement, and to many the true key is still lacking. I feel that about “dawn” I really know less about this than about most these others. And that is strange, for in the beginning of my penetration into Emily’s secret language I felt quite sure that “dawn” was a lesbian symbol; now I have come to see only heterosexual significance in it. I would gladly skip this analysis, knowing that it will exasperate me and yet not yield much of insight. But I must at least prepare a basis for a later new reconsideration of the symbol.