Synonyms: dews

Preanalysis assumption: Once I thought that “dew” was an exquisite and exclusive lesbian symbol, standing for the moistness that this intimacy seems to induce in vagina and vestibule. Then I came to see that it can stand for lubricating moisture in heterosexual intercourse also, and for semen. In some instances, lately, I have come to surmise that the term is especially used for semen in the grip of vaginal cup during mutual climax. It need to be visualized that in the moment of premature male ejaculation, when vagina failed to get hold of the glans from the direction of the cup, there appears a situation of “distance” in the happening, so, that actual awareness of ejaculation is not had directly from the glans, but from the agitation of the contraceptive. It does not matter that the awareness may misinform her about the actual location of the glans, whether she thinks it has not reached far enough inside, or whether she is conscious that it proceeded too far into the cul de sac (which, at this moment, is greatly expanded), nor does it essentially matter if the awareness of "distanceā€œ becomes more enhanced through the accident of slippage, that is: the sudden arrival of semen preventing the grip on the glans just when it was to take place.
The essential aspect of the case is, that semen emissions witnessed distantly, is a foreign happening within, that must be endured with patience, until emission is over and the attempt at crumb orgasm can begin. Incidental to this failure at mutual climax is that the momentum of orgasmic arousal is lost, and that crumb orgasm afterwards is bound to be only a faint facsimile of what the mutual in its unhindered vehemence could have been. We have learned that in the crumb orgasmic process semen has to be shoved away from the glans and the contact with glans subtly and yet rather quickly reestablished (through the contraceptive film)quickly, because the liability is great that the penis/glans collapse will take place rather suddenly and then even the crumb orgasm will be frustrated.
In mutual climax, on the other hand, all happens differently: leap and contraction on glans happens when they are in process of assuming the ejaculation stance. Presumably, the orgasmic grip catches glans from its front toward the corona, not from behind the corona, and thus, again presumably, the plateau contraction of the vaginal tube becomes one with a general contraction of all the inner vagina. Contact with the glans is then immediate, with only the tight fitting contraceptive film in between, which, however, is not being felt. Emission is now felt by the vagina directly, not as formerly at a quaint distance, it is, so to say, smothered in her very grip. And this seems to give vagina exquisite pleasure sensations and, it seemed to me many times, to this semen emission she likes often to give the description of “dew”, as if vagina felt herself a flower under the dew of morning. All these occurrences seem to have been idiosyncratic with Emily’s personal experience in heterosexual intercourse. Whether they have a more general validity I do not know.
Since I have gone to some length here describing characteristics of mutual climax and crumb orgasm, I should not close my remarks without mentioning, that a possibility exists that the “distance” element in premature climax was often not due (perhaps even never) to a failure to grasp glans from the inner cup side, but to premature ejaculation taking place in the middle vaginal tube, either because the lover’s penis lacked somewhat of normal length and thus had trouble reaching to the cervix region, or because the lover quite willfully preferred ejaculation nearer the vulva, and manipulated his motions accordingly, and perhaps had in that wish his prime reason for putting the beloved under the strictures in the fondling motions, with which we have now been so often acquainted. Into such subtleties of her heterosexual experience, I could not possibly go before my present first analysis of all the symbols has been completed.