Synonyms: distant, distances

Preanalysis assumption; “Distance” denotes the frustrating situation of penis/glans being out of reach of the orgasmic grasp. Possibly the situation is most often due to glans reaching into the cul de sac during the ejaculation stance, and being out of grasp because of being beyond the contractive ring , which I presume to be in the uterus/cervix region. How mutual climax happens, and what actually is the engineering feat involved, is a mystery on which sexology should be able to give us the answers. But, as I have observed several times, the only study that so far has made a sincere attempt to clear this mystery up, the one of MastersJohnson, is inadequate. I am reduced to speculation and guesswork, then, concerning this most important single happening in the heterosexual act. And it happens also to be the most crucial to the understanding of the secret contents of her poetry. Until I can be absolutely sure of its incorrectness, I may not leave out of consideration that the lover’s penis either was relatively short, or else that the lover had predilection to achieve his climax in the outer or the middle section of the vagina, which would be in the region of her least sensitivity and therefore conducive to her feelings of greatest frustration.