Synonyms: doors

Pre-analysis assumption: The symbol “door” can be symbolical body opening of the female and also the glans lip of the male: it means the meatus of the urethra, which I call variously, glans lip, glans mouth, glans opening. It opens from the penis tube (urethra) into the contraceptive/vagina. This is its male meaning. In some instances there appears to be a vagina door also, and this could have a threefold meaning: 1. opening of the vagina by folding back labia major; 2. opening of the vulva, 3. opening the cul de sac by vaginal expansion and the upward retraction of the cervix and the uterus; more likely however the female "opening of her door“ is a wider spreading of the legs in a positioning which facilitates penis’ endeavor. But the "door“ cannot only be opened, it can also be closed, and this appears mainly to be a female function when "closing“ means a holding back penis-impetuousness in order to retard ejaculation. The ending of emission also "closes the door“ and credit for that may be claimed by vagina whenever ejaculation is claimed to be due to "loving bosom“ effort. Or it can be ascribed accusingly to penis when he is guilty of precipitate climax. (This analysis was later crossed out by H.W.L, with no other analysis).