Synonyms: dwells, dwelling, dwellings

Assumption: to “dwell” is to inhabit a place, as when vaginal cup fastens on glans in orgasmic contraction; or it indicates a prolonged lingering at a place after some journey, as when penis retards ejaculation when having reached inmost vagina, thus to co-dwell with vagina in mutual climax; or it means the complete consummation of a union with another, as again in mutual climax. To “dwell on” to contemplate, muse on, enjoy a thing in one’s grasp, as the possession of the glans, in which sense it can be the experience of one of the sexual partners only, vagina’s in snatch orgasm or in the crumb one, penis in the suffisance of his premature climax. Things that “dwell” are present, thus “dwell” denotes a presence, be it in whatever state of eminence or declivity. Penis dwells in vagina, within contraceptive, as in the place where he feels most at home.


This Symbol occures in 16 poems:

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