Preanalysis assumption: I anticipate this to be a difficult analysis. The symbol “ear” obviously must bring us into the field of censorial awareness during the sexual act. Equally obvious is that it can, itself, only stand symbolically for the sense of touch in this act, since actual “hearing” is hardly possible in whatever form, within the vagina, during the act. In this respect it is in a class with “eye”, “see” and “sight”, which also give meaning to censorial impressions and awareness in intercourse by symbolical transference. But while “eye” can have a localized bodymeaning, like glanslip and uteral orifice, it does not seem that this is true of “ear” also. The part of the sensorium which would correspond to “ear” in the sexual experience, are those awarenesses which have for objects comings and goings in intercourse which could be said to be “soundeffects” by some stretch of the imagination. This holds especially true of the arrival of the semen emission in the contraceptive and its impact on the film; but I noticed that it sometimes may apply to the rise of semen in urethra, also.