Synonyms: ecstatic

Preanalysis assumption: Together with a coterie of synonyms like transport, rapture, etc. “ecstasy” is simply being polarized toward sexual meanings. Among them, penis being beside himself in the joy of ejaculation stance and actual emission, seems to be most often distinguished with the term. Other meanings likely will show up in the analysis. Since she spelled ecstasy as extasy tenaciously in her writing till almost the very last of her years, I suspected sometimes a possible secret meaning hidden in that. But the dictionary shows that such spelling was once usage, now become obsolete, It is one of her misspellings I correct in my work on her. Since one part of this work had been the translation of over 400 poems into German, I must allow for the possibility that my analyses, if ever being published, would find German readers also, and it is not advisable to confuse them with such misspellings. I recall that I myself used such misspellings (for instance: “it’s” instead of its) for long, in confusion.


This Symbol occures in 14 poems:

VAR #122, VAR #125, VAR #128, VAR #165, VAR #207, VAR #551, #392, #551, #783, #1209, #1434, #1466, #1608, #1622