Synonyms: farthest, farther

Preanalysis assumption: “far”, like “distant”, chiefly denotes the unavailability of the glans during climax. Her impression may be that penis has not been reaching far enough into vagina, while it is probable that the upper part of the glans simply got “lost” in the cul- de-sac, which is in its greatest expansion at that moment. Earlier I assumed that the shape of the lovers genital: a penis abnormal for its shortness as for its thickness during erection, would be the explanation for this feeling of his being “far” away. I even went as far as to surmise that such a physical fact may account for her earliest sufferings of physical pain, and indeed, I surmised also that Maria Whitney’s flights from Bowles and Springfield (her taking on employment in Europe and Hawaii) were due to the same fact, that she simply could not support the strains of these intercourses with Bowles. As I delve deeper into the meanings of the symbol language and submit to its stringent imposition of precise refinement, I am less and less convinced that a postulate of a short penis can be maintained (that of an abnormally thick one, yes! for too many symbols stress this fact). Thus I am inclined now to take “far” and distant" simply to symbolize the unavailability of the glans for the orgasmic grasp. “Far” further can be symbol for the extraordinary, a meaning it does have in common usage also.