Synonyms: fathers

Pre-analysis Assumption

“father” is essentially a penis symbol. It seems to derive from and accentuate the domination aspects of the male over the female, in heterosexual intercourse as well as in life general. It is closely synonymous with the “god” symbol for penis and appears indeed in a few instances as “heavenly father” and as the God-father in the trinity.

And the father fond demandeth the maiden for his son,

: Even though this valentine is one of the first, if not the first, sizable tabulation of terms in her new born, budding secret language, and therefore many words could appear in it that have not acquired as yet the symbolic meaning they will have later on, I am still under obligation to search for and guess at possible symbolic meanings in every such term that later takes its place in the vocabulary of that language. With the line above I assume that her concept of penis/father had been formed already at that time, and that the father/ son association has the meaning of the return bout, which is soon to acquire the symbolization of the trinity: God:father, god:son, god: holy ghost.

Our Fathers being weary,
Laid down on Bunker Hill;

:"our male lovers, their penisses, being fraught with ejaculation need, “laid down” on our cervix/uterus region.

Burglar! Banker! – Father!
I am poor once more!

:I interpret the “I am poor” as meaning: I did not get my orgasm, though, admittedly, it could also mean: “I had it but am desirous of more”. To be noted is the new trinity here: burglar, banker, with fa¬ther coming last.

I hope the father in the skies

:"I hope that penis in the contraceptive will lift me over, that is: on to the “stile of pearl”, the semen emission. Thus she pleads for mutual climax.

And I omit to pray
“Father thy will be done” today

:She does not consent to penis’ premature ejaculation, which is ’his will".

Please, Pater, pretty soon!

:A plea for mutual climax again, made more clear by the third stanza.
. . . .
No Father’s bells – nor Factories,
Could scare us anymore!

:"no penis’ ejaculations, nor semen loads in the testes, could scare me then( if she could climb the glans and “look the landscape o’er”.

Father! they wont tell me,
Wont you tell them to!

:The “saucy, saucy seraph that eludes her so” is glans in emission.

Many Mansions, by “his father”,
I don’t know him, snugly built!

:“his father” appears in the poem without any apparent reference to any son that can be recognized. The “mansions” however, are most li¬kely what she later calls, by an extension of the visualization in the symbol, “little houses”, that is: semen piles within the contra¬ceptive. What she seems to disclose here is, that mutual climax was
also interdicted her, and that “storm” can have the meaning of orgasmic contraction on glans during mutual climax.

Sparrows, unnoticed by the Father -

:Two interpretation are possible for this poem, 1. the “some too fragile for winter winds” are semen in premature ejaculation going into contraceptive (the grave), “winter winds” would then mean the “storm” orgasmic contraction brings on glans during mutual climax; or, 2. the "grave is fondling action and winter winds the snatch orgasm, and the “sparrows” semen that came not to be ejected, due to penis’ inhibition. But strangely, neither of these, plausible enough from the symbolism, seems to answer the definite impression the poem makes, that vagina is being frustrated and yet finds a “covert” in the end. The conclusion must be that crumb orgasm is the subject, but that either the symbolic structure is a little make¬shift, or else not yet fully understood by me.

153 Nobody knew “his Father”

:A sense comes out now that escaped me in the “Boy” analysis yesterday: not to have “known” the father of the semen emission means that mutual climax was not had.

So keep your secret Father!

:Father’s secret is ejaculation coming, the “sapphire fellows” the semen quanta.

You are sure there’s such a person
As a Father in the sky ¬-

:“Father in the sky” seems to assume the meaning of penis in eja¬culation stance, for “to walk the Jasper barefoot” that she wants to avoid, seems to answer for crumb orgasm, or else for slipping in the attempt at mutual and losing it.

As you will in Heaven -
Know God the Father – and the Son.

:The two penis symbols seem obvious enough, but “heaven” may be de¬fined here as heterosexual intercourse per se, not the ejaculation into contraceptive only.

And when Thanksgiving came
If Father’d multiply the plates -
To make an even sum -

:When penis ejaculates, he “gives thanks”, the moment thus is “thanksgiving”. “Father multiplies the plates” when penis offers vagina the orgasmic seat on the gland in mutual climax, but he can also “multiply them” by remaining firm enough for the crumb orgasm. Thus the “even sum” can mean either mutual or crumb, but the first is the more logical one.

My second Rank – too small the first -
Crowned – Crowing – on my Father’s breast -
A half unconscious Queen -

:This second rank seems to be mutual climax, while the first is crumb orgasm. “Crow” has appeared as a symbol for crumb orgasmic attempt and “crowing” does not mean a noise-making therefore, but a going to be a crow, a “crow-handling” of the glans, so to say, or “crow picking”.

’tis One by One – the Father counts -

:“tis by one quantum after the other that penis ejaculates”, (the tract between set cypherless" can mean the crumb orgasm, but also frustration).

The Porter of my Father’s Lodge
As much abasheth me!

:Penis is father, contraceptive the lodge, the porter either the urethra or the ejaculation itself.

A Legacy of Love
A Heavenly Father would suffice

:An orgasmic need that could suffice the grandest penis in a mutual climax.

Of Her Father – Whoso ask Her -
He shall seek as high
As the Palm – that serve the Desert -
To obtain the sky

:The one that would ask her is her orgasmic need; father is penis/glans, the palm the contraceptive (that shades against the sun or, in this case perhaps, the ejaculation that spreads like a palm spreads its fronds).

If Mother – in the Grave -
Or Father – on the Sea -
Or Father in the Firmament -

:Glans in wilt is subject of poem, his ‘mother in the grave" was vagina in fondling service, “father on the sea” penis in this same fondling’s lubricating service, while “father in the firmament” penis in ejaculation stance.

Bride of the Father and the Son
Bride of the Holy Ghost

:Vagina as bride of penis in the triple suit is probably meant each time in mutual climax.

The Waters Wrecked the Sky -
But overlooked my Father’s House -
Just quartering a Tree -

:The father’s house should be the same as the father’s lodge in poem 608, and that makes me reconsider the meaning of both the lodge and the porter: take “father’s house” for vagina, then the contraceptive is its porter. Thus here: the “waters wrecked the sky” means semen piled thick on contraceptive’s inside dome, and “overlooked my father’s house” paying no attention to vagina’s need, while “just quartering a tree” means “caused penis to collapse”, reducing him to a quarter of his former optimum size.

Far from Love the Heavenly Father
Leads the Chosen Child,

:Penis seldom affords vagina the “love” of mutual climax

Whatever it is – she has tried it -
Awful Father of Love -

:Seems to be vagina excusing glans that failed to give the mutual climax, to penis who made efforts to grant it. The plea is for the crumb.

Who are the “Father and the Son”

:Penis, father and son, did not reveal themselves to her in the early years of intercourse, they did not “introduce” themselves to her, so she would “know” them. That is: they did not grant her mutual climax (or at least not snatch orgasm). Now, and this statement of 1873 has significance, “We blush, that Heaven if we achieve event ineffable – we shall have shunned until ashamed to own the miracle”. Since the gaining of mutual contact is proclaimed in so many poems, and indeed in many early ones, it is doubtful that she can mean the mutual by this “miracle”. I believe it refers to the snatch orgasm which she seems to have brought into her reach easily in the Indian Summer of her sexual relationship with Bowles, in the early years of the seventies.

The Father of the Mine
Is that old fashioned Coin
We spurned -

:The old fashioned coin must mean the “penny” of intercourse, and that in turn should mean the patient, motion by motion stealth to slip on the glans in the crisis moment.

“Heavenly Father” – take to thee
The supreme Iniquity
Fashioned by thy candid Hand

:That “heavenly father” is penis again, is obvious, but the rest of the poem is obscure in meaning. The most promising explanation seems to me that the "supreme iniquity’ of penis is to become impotent while undergoing a snatch orgasm by vagina. This would be the “moment contraband”. And “though to trust us – seem to us more respectful” would say " could you not wait just a little and trust me that I would take up my fondling service pronto and really inspiredly?"

Father I observed to Heaven
You are punctual -

:The “yellow star” is the first semen quantum arriving, ejacula¬tion the “silver hat” glans/moon loosed from her lustral face". That “father” was punctual should need no further explanation.

He was the faithful father
Of a dependent brood.

:Penis in ejaculation .

Jupiter! my Father!
I perceive the rose!

:Jupiter/god/father is penis, the rose probably purple glans, but could hint vaginal arousal.

While her father abuts the tempest
And abridges the rain.

:This is father of parasol, thus contraceptive that abuts ejaculation and abridges its semen rain, meaning: contains it so it cannot fertilize. Remains to explain what the “parasol” is. Well, no other than the orgasmic grasp of the glans by the vaginal cup.