Synonyms: flowers

Preanalysis assumption: as already noted when commenting on the possible meanings of the “bee” symbol: “flower” has male and female meanings. It is vagina, which penis/bee enters; it is orgasmic arousal, with some specific flowers standing for its coloration, others, like anemone, for their prompt arrival when the “snow” is gone; lastly it may have a lesbian significance also. It has penis allusion in several ways : 1, it is a colorful head upon a stem (glans) in deep purple or purplish blue; 2. it is flower upon a stem (emission covering glans); 3. it is flowerseeds blowing from stem ( semen streamers) of which the “dandelion” is the most representative. Perhaps I should analyze all the flowers together in one group, but for the present that would lead me too deeply into difficulties and besides I prefer to have the symbols isolated as she herself did. The assembling of the whole group and a summation of the different analyses within it may come later. I do not know what form my final attempt at presenting her secret language will take.