Synonyms: feet

Preanalysis assumption: This symbol refers less to sexual organs than to sexual functions. First in order seem to be vaginal movement to accompany and lead penis to his climax, to lead herself to orgasm; and penis’s penetrating motion to reach climactic goal, also to accompany and stimulate the vaginal motion. “Barefoot” and “footman” qualify as genitalia aspects. “Boot” and “shoe” are complementary symbols. Further: “foot” appears in juxtaposition to “hand”, which is somewhat confusing; since “hand” is in most of its application defining a function similar to that of “foot”. Most important is again, as with so many of the most used symbols, that it has a male and a female meaning; it may have a lesbian and autoerotic one also. To go, to walk, to run, are of course further extensions of meanings, but “to fly”, while it can be synonymous to “walk” and “run”, belongs in the bird group of symbols which denote initial ejaculation and contraction aspects “foot” and “feet” cover preclimax phases of the coital activity mostly, also, it seems, “foot” more often refers to penis, “feet” to vagina. By simple extension of the indicated function she will use the symbol once in a while for designation of the genital, letting the symbol revert back from the verbal meaning she arbitrarily assigns it, to the nominal meaning which it inherently should have. I hope the coming analysis will help my understanding further, but I have a feeling that the symbol will remain one of those that resist exact pinpointing.