Synonyms: foreigner

The item she is unfamiliar with or seems outlandish to her, in
heterosexual intercourse, is mutual climax on the glans. It is the glans that identifies mostly with the term “foreign”. The “foreigner” may be said to be penis in uncooperative motions during the fondling stage and ending up in premature ejaculation. A stanza in poem 1048 deserves a special discussion: “Reportless Subjects, to the Quick Continual addressed But foreign as the Dialect Of Danes, unto the rest”.
It can stand as one of the few clearly traceable references to her secret language. Her poetry consists indeed of “reportless subjects, to the sophisticated continually addressed”. But the stanza has a definite coital meaning also, as indeed she is obliged to give it: the “reportless subjects” is semen in emission and given in full meaning to a vagina alive enough to slip on the glans in time to participate in mutual climax. If she failed in that, then the male ejaculation was a “foreign”, misunderstood dialect at which she will “cipher” or “spell” afterwards in crumborgasmic attempt.