Synonyms: friends

Preanalysis assumption:
“Friend” is a penis symbol. It is one of a series that derive from a peculiarity of female sensate awareness in the sexual act which is opposite to that of the male’s: the intrusion and presence of a foreign body within her own and to which her reaction is more varied than the male’s to his awareness that he is penetrating the female body. The subject is one that has psychic consequences that should not be overlooked by the sexologist and psychiatrist. “Friend” and “neighbor” as well as “enemy” and “foreigner” are symbols which Emily develops from this peculiar consciousness; and there are others. The penis called a “friend” is obviously one happily received; more significant is that it may be one that is joyously retained. “Friend” is a penis that allows vagina her orgasm and lays no restrictions upon her but accepts her as the equal partner in the intercourse, with equal rights and not more than equal duties. “Brother” may be a penis symbol of like significance.