Synonyms: gayer, gaily

Assumption: the term “gay” aligns with youthful, lively, healthy merriment and pleasure that naive, unsophisticated, unspoiled sexual indulgence can give; thus, while the term remains term, strictly, it nevertheless can gain something of the symbolical through the restrictions placed upon its sexual alignments. This principle is in force with many of the terms she uses, in some much more pronouncedly than in the one at hand: “gay”. It can go into a group headed: the frolics of sexual intercourse. It has seemed to me that it has a male application more often, than a female one. However, closer analysis should bring this out.


This Symbol occures in 13 poems:

VAR #12, VAR #13, VAR #33, #1264, VAR #192, #339, #366, #457, #473, #485, #582, #878, #1465