Synonyms: glorified

The sexual act and requitement, the glory of this world, gloria mundi. The sexual pleasure sensation, the sensual, sensorial, emotional and passionate experience of heterosexual love; possibly includes masturbation and lesbian love. Love. The devotion of a lover for the beloved. The self-esteem, personal lift, to be honoured with the possession of the genitals of someone else, and the enjoyment of them; thus: the lover’s penis is occasionally referred to as “glory”, even more so when it proves to be a vigorous yet accommodating penis. By extension, the experience of orgasm, especially mutual climax, is finest glory. It is the superb, nay, the supreme ingredient in intercourse that gives qualification to it. To her it often was a negative one, the pleasure at giving pleasure to the beloved. Many of her finest expressions refer to this highly feminine emotion in her, the whole of poem 493 for instance. It has deep significance that the concepts of “grace” and “gratitude” often combine with that of “glory” or substitute for it. ’Twas my one Glory let it be remembered I was owned of thee " (1028).


This Symbol occures in 19 poems:

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