Synonyms: golden

Pre-analysis Assumption

“Gold” is chiefly a semen symbol. Whatever camouflage into female meanings has been done, must come out in this more precise analysis.

In a serener Bright,
In a more golden light
I see

:This very early poem (Prof. Johnson mentions September 1854) moves in the outer sphere of Emily’s relationship with Bowles. though it derives much of its symbolism from nature’s inverted picture in intravaginal happenings, its reason of being, and the concern it expresses, lie in the contemplation of Emily’s peculiar situation vis a vis Marie Bowles, and Bowles. The golden light, as the serener bright, probably wants to say: my sexual relationship to Sam rests on a happier, a more beautiful basis than does Marie’s with him. He will be glad, yes eager, to return to me whenever he came.

I never told the buried gold
Upon the hill -that lies -

:Semen on glans in contraceptive.

The Guest is gold and crimson -
An Opal guest and gray -
Of Ermine is his doublet -
His Capuchin gay -

:"the guest is glans, the golden, the glans in purple heat – "opal and grey come in by looking at penis clad in contraceptive; “ermine” is the semen emission flowing about him; and the “capuchin” can have the threefold meaning of contraceptive, purple glans, and semen emitting from the glans.

I had a guinea golden

:Glans in semen emission.

So from the mould
Scarlet and Gold
Many a Bulb will rise -¬

:“mould” be testes, “bulb” is glans, scarlet its color, gold the semen.

That whoso sees this little flower
By faith may clear behold
The Bobolinks around the throne
And Dandelions gold.

:In the analysis of symbol “tree” I came to the final conclusion that the “little flower” is symbol for Kate Scott Turner at the occasion of her first visit with Sue. This insight now goes to strengthen my definition of “bobolink” as the les¬bian lover. The above stanza says that whosoever sees Kate will see the semen dispensers (dandelions), the males,- and the lesbians, the bobolinks, making for her vagina.

This meekest flower of the mead
Upon a winter’s day,
Stands representative in gold
Of Rose and Lily, manifold,
And countless Butterfly!

:The first stanza of this poem , which is a lesson in “compara¬tive anatomy”, that is: in comparison of male and female geni¬talia, describes penis as the bone which unfolds the secret of semen in testes. The second introduces the vagina at time of se¬men drift, representing the gold of semen, the rose of glans and vaginal vestibule, the lily of(probably) latent orgasm, and the butterflies of orgasmic contractions on the glans.

The Daisy follows soft the Sun -
And when his golden walk is done -
Sits shily at his feet -

:The golden walk of the sun is penis’ semen emission; the “daisy” is vagina at the glans under semen(the hill under snow), blooming in crumb-orgasm.

Smiling when we walk barefoot
Upon their golden floor!

:The golden floor is glans in semen; the barefoot walking either orgasm in mutuality, or in crumb.

The old – old sophistries of June -
The blue and gold mistake.

:The contraceptive resumes the mistake of purple glans and semen emission. “Skies” go for vagina as well as for the contr.

Gone – Mr Bryant’s “Golden Rod” -
And Mr Thomson’s “sheaves”.

:"gone – Mr Bowles’ golden stiff – (stick, penis)
“gone – Mr Bowles’ rubber -” (“sheaves” may stand for the contraceptive, for the vagina – . . . I am wrong here, having mistaken sheaves for sheath, – the “sheaves” are the semen emission, semen being grain or corn.) Thus: not Mr Bowles’ rubber, but Mr Bowles ejaculations.

Some Ruby Trousers hurried on -
A Wave of Gold -
A Bank of Day -

:“ruby trousers” are purple glans, “wave of gold” semen emission, “bank of day” the contraceptive either as the shore for which male ejaculation reaches, or as the money house where the currency of semen is stored.

Blazing in Gold and quenching in Purple

:Penis reaches the ejaculation stance: semen is rising in his urethra and the glans glows in deepest purple.

The Slave – forgets – to fill -
The Lamp – burns – golden – on -

:The lamp is vagina’s orgasmic arousal, the serf is penis, the oil the semen emission, the busy wick at her phosphoric toil is glans in semen emission, but is vaguely ambiguous here so that it can also apply to vagina’s nourishing her excitation until it leads to crumb-orgasm after “serf forgets to fill”.

Domenichino dropped his pencil -
Paralysed with Gold -

:One of her symbols for male ejaculation is the painting of a picture on the canvas of contraceptive’s film, thus penis becomes artist painter, and whether Guido, Titian, or Van Dyke appear in the poems, they always stand for penis in ejaculation. Thus the two lines above say: the male lover dropped his penis, or rather: penis dropped his ejection, paralyzed with the semen.

At least it solaces to know
That there exists – a Gold -

:he gold is semen – the “pearl” that slipped her fingers through, her own orgasm.

Since the Gain
Is gotten not of fingers -
And inner than the Bone -
Hid golden, for the whole of Days,

:Semen, hid in testes.

A Tongue – to tell Him I am true!
Its fee – to be of Gold

:Her “message”, which must be told, is orgasm; she is willing to pay for it in “gold”, by bringing penis to emission.

Slow Gold – but Everlasting -
The Bullion of Today -
Contrasted with the currency
Of Immortality -

:The “gold” is semen, but it is the semen of mutual climax, the “currency of immortality” which “checks on fame”. “Fame” being “Laurel” on the head of penis, that is: semen on the glans, the “checking” on it can only be done in mutual climax, and since that seals down somewhat the emission-gush, it is “slow” gold.

I’ll clutch – and clutch -
Next – One – Might be the golden touch -
Could take it -

:An attempt at mutual climax is being made, a little late, because penis is already in ejaculation.

I put my pleasure all abroad -
I dealt a word of Gold
To every Creature – that I met -
And dowered – all the World -

:A complete heterosexual intercourse is described. A new element appears in it which is not specifically revealed in its nature. But it is more than a guess to say that the improvement seems to lie in the synchronized give and take of vaginal and penis motions, a metered, rhythmic, harmonious interaction of the two genitals for which she uses elsewhere the symbol poetry(though that is mostly reserved for lesbian intercourse). She describes it here with: "I walked as wings – my body bore – " which, in an extended sense can have the added meaning: my vaginal motions were borne along by a strong hope of having mutual cli¬max in certain prospect. The “word of gold” to the one creature that she met, is of course, the stimulus she dealt to penis that brought him to joyous ejaculation. The poem, or the intercourse described, ends in frustration nevertheless.

Rich! ’Twas Myself – was rich -
To take the name of Gold
And Gold to own – in solid Bars -
The Difference – made me bold -

:The semen-gold is owned in solid bars only in the mutual climax, in snatch orgasm it has not been “mined” as yet, and in the crumb-requitement it must be disposed off (shoved aside) before orgasm can be had.

The Heaven hath – a Hell -
Itself to signalize -
And every sign before the Place
Is Gilt with Sacrifice -

:“heaven” being the glans, and the glans being in the contraceptive, the “hell” before it is the semen emission, the gold of sacrifice in two senses: 1. of penis who put it on the altar, and 2. of vagina who lost mutual climax by its appearance.

Or Gold – who am the Prince of Mines -

:Mutual climax is described, the Diadem is glans in emissions, the dome it fits the intravaginal dome which is contracting upon it. This poem seems to identify “pearls” as a symbol for crumb orgasm, for which she must “dive”, not leap up to.

A Solemn thing within the Soul
To feel itself get ripe -
And golden hang – while further up -
The Maker’s Ladders stop -
And in the Orchard far below -
You hear a Being – drop

:The ripening of orgasm within vagina is the subject, the maker’s ladders(the gushing semen quanta) have stopped, but the “sun”, the glans, makes an effort at remaining firm and to fur¬ther work on the “cheek”. “Golden” is here a symbol for ripening or ripeness of orgasm; I should take note that the symbol applied in the male significance can often mean the ripening of semen, or the ripeness of it, for emission, rather than the semen in appearance already outside the glanslip.

Deserts – never rebuked her Satin -
Ethiop – her Gold -

:This poem becomes clear in its sense as soon as one realizes that the “leopard” is symbol for the female orgasmic snatch. “Desert” is symbol for the dry vagina around uterus and cul de sac, and “Ethiop”, a variant of south, means the same region; a transcension in meaning seems to be in evidence here, or at least one should be sure to understand, that “her” gold, and "her’’ satin, refers not to the Leopard, but to Civilization(Penis). Thus: the inner vagina never rebuked penis for his smooth glans nor for his climactic emission, so why should he rebuke vagina for laying her smooth cheek upon his glans and treat him to her orgasmic convulsion.

When crescent – Thou art worn I note -
But – there – the Golden Same -

:Purple glans was “moon at full”, now it is “crescent”, that is shrunk after emission, but “golden same” for reason that semen is still present, and firm enough texture of glans also, to afford the orgasm.

Trust in the Unexpected -
By this – was William Kidd
Persuaded of Buried Gold -

:The “unexpected” be the sudden, premature male ejaculation, by it is penis/robber/adventurer persuaded that there was semen in his testes.

To sometimes hear “Rich People” buy
And see the Parcel rolled -
And carried, we suppose – to Heaven,
For children, made of Gold -

:The “health and laughter” is the male ejaculation, like a toy rolled into a parcel of semen emission, carried into contraceptive, not to be given to “children made of gold”(for they are what is rolled into the parcel), but because it is the “heaven” for these children made of gold(semen).

It seems as though the Time
Indignant-that the Joy was come -
Did block the Gilded Hands -
And would not let the Seconds by -

:The exact moment here is when semen rises in urethra, (cars),but the emission(coach) not yet appearing outside glanslip. The symbol syndrome of “time”, “gilded hands” – “seconds”, “slowest instants” appearing at just this juncture, carries specific information: 1. “time” is identified with loving bo¬som, not just with male phase, since it is “indignant that the joy has come” to penis. 2. that the gilded hands are vagina’s fondling motions, "gilded’’ because they carry in themselves the orgasmic arousal or expectation of mutual climax. 3. that vagina is making a conscious effort to retard the ejaculation, unsuccessfully though, since the emission now starts in earnest. Crumb-orgasm is indicated by the “little violin” that “further North remove”.

I wished a way might be
My Heart to subdivide -
’Twould magnify – the Gratitude
And not reduce – the Gold -

:When analysing the symbol “heart” I guessed this wish for subdivision of her sexual loyalties referred to lesbianism and heterosexual love; now that I have come to understand a little better the natural difficulties imposed on the woman’s partici¬pation in the enjoyment of the sexual act, I can see that she refers to another subdivision here, namely to that of loyalty to the male lover’s expectation of her to further his interests with loving bosom fondling, and to that she owes toward herself, in concentrating on motions that will further her chance at orgasm. She knows the problem is: how to synchronize her own orgasmic leap upon the glans with that moment when penis-glans freezes, into its ejaculation stance.(I have recently come to call that the “male transfiguration”.) She also has experienced instances of the ideal solution to the problem: that of the harmonious, interacting joint-walk, or ballet between penis and vagina, but somehow must now be in despair that this solution will ever come to be the norm of her intercourse with Sam. She could hardly know that the very trouble of their sexual relationship lie in the imposition on her of that “loving-bosom” servitude which compelled her to hold back the impetus of her own excitation and to concentrate on how to increase the stimulus of excitation in the penis. No matter how many millions of other women are subjected to this severe selfrestraint, it is not a natural way of intercourse and seems due mainly to inhibitive male complexes, gained by unnatural growing into sexual maturity.

That Day – the Days among -
Glows Central – like a Jewel
Between Diverging Gold ¬

:The “diverging golds” seem to be snatch orgasm and crumb-orgasm, with mutual climax lying central, like a Jewel, in between, There seems to have gone on a grumbling between the two lovers quite constantly, about just who is at fault in their reciprocal adjustment of themselves to themselves in their sexual relationship. What the nature of the performance was for which she gained his praise in this instance, is difficult to guess.

Cherries – suit Robins -
The Eagle’s Golden Breakfast strangles – Them -

:Penis’ golden ejaculation strangles the orgasmic hope of vagina.

The Day undressed – Herself
Her Garter – was of Gold -

:“day” seems here made up entirely of the male phase of inter¬course. How the “garter” here makes out between “petticoat” and “dimities”, I cannot make out; the adjective “gold” points to semen or semen ripe for emission anyway.

If ought She missed in Her new Day,
Of Amplitude, or Awe -
Or first Prospective – or the Gold
In using, wear away,

:Gold is semen, semen lifting again. The poem is another of riddling around the question of what is right, what wrong in her sexual experience.

The Moon was but a Chin of Gold
A Night or two ago

:“the glans lay limp in semen, the last time or two”

In Their Eternal Faces
The Sun – with just delight
Looks long – and last – and golden -
For fellowship – at night -

:Penis = mountains, “sun” strangely becomes vagina here, perhaps here mutual orgasm.
’Tis first He steps upon the Vane -
And then – upon the Hill -
And then abroad the World He go
To do His Golden Will -

:As in the foregoing poem 757, I am here suddenly up against obscurities in the use of symbols which seemed well defined before. In 757 it was the “sun” unexpectedly needing a female connotation here it is the “going abroad to do his golden will” that also has a feminine meaning. The “faith” symbol is here the key, but I do not as yet understand it very well. It seems to point to faithful execution of loving bosom service and so doing penis’ “golden will”, that is, make him ejaculate. But the stepping on the “vane” first, which is equivalent to “wind” , the ejaculative impetus, – and then upon the “hill”, which could hardly mean else than penis in erection, – and finally going “abroad the world”, which I interpret to mean across the glans, the process gets the earmarks of orgasm upon glans – and that would have exactly the opposite effect of that what is delineated in the next two stanzas: instead of helping the ejaculation it would or could easily frustrate it. The best I can do as for now, is to guess that these three steps enumerated above identify with three definite emphases in the loving bosom fondling, that accelerate the excitation of penis toward his ejaculative rise and finally trigger the emission.

Then bending form the Sky -
With infinite Affection -
And infiniter Care -
Her Golden finger on Her lip
Wills Silence – Everywhere -

:The final two stanzas of this poem seem to describe the crumborgasmic happening. “Her golden finger on her lip” should mean penis in orgasmic grasp; possessive pronouns of the feminine gender applied to things masculine are, after all a frequent occur¬rence all through the poems.

I play at Riches – to appease
The Clamoring for Gold -

:“I fondle penis – to appease his clamoring for the semen emission.” What comes afterwards motivates her willing submission to this loving-bosom servitude: she fears her premature snatch would otherwise come easily and frustrate penis.

A Plated Life – diversified
With Gold and Silver Pain
To prove the presence of the Ore
In Particles -

:The poem avers that the female’s orgasmic desire must assert itself all the more as it is in process of being suffocated under “whole chaoses” of semen emissions, “piles by annihilation” upon it. Frustration would be her “plated life – diversified with semen-, ??- Pain”

Third, Expedition for
The “Golden Fleece”.

:Finding the glans is the first act; the second: losing it(when ejaculation begins); then comes the phase in which contact with the glans under semen is being sought- the “expedition for the golden fleece”, (which is symbol for moving semen out of the way).

His Feet are shod with Gauze -
His Helmet is of Gold,

:I am inclined to accept now Prof. Johnson’s view that the two stanzas of which the above two lines are the beginning, constitute a poem in themselves, but do not agree that “bee” is its hero. Penis is that, and the “bee” only his final manifestation. The “feet shod with Gauze” are penis stem in contraceptive; the “helmet of Gold” is the semen emission on glans.

When you – hold – Garnet to Garnet -
Gold – to Gold -

:"the vernacular’s famous “God’s gift to woman” becomes here- not an especially aggressiveness virile seducer, but the mutual climax, the “swoon”, in which glanslip is held to the tight embrace of the inmost vaginal dome(the uteral orifice, figuratively) and semen emission to orgasmic contraction(the male gold to the female gold).

A Perished Sun
Endear in the departure
How doubly more
Than all the Golden presence
It was – before -

:An emotion felt at glans wilting, penis collapsing, finds expression here, – more specifically: an emotion felt at the ending semen emission. This emotion is then being lived out by vaginal engagement with this semen freight, and if the crumb orgasm is gained, the circle will have come full, as a doubly more endearing “experience” than the “vast, golden presence” glans had been before.

My God He sees thee
Shine thy best
Fling up thy Balls of Gold

:I take this as being an admonition to vagina to faithfully perform the loving bosom service. The possessive pronoun “thy” in "fling up thy balls of gold’’ is but another instance of how vagina usurps for her own the things that are penis’. To have said here: “fling up his balls of gold” would or could have been a give-away of the secret meaning. However, I must consider that the admonition goes to "sun "and that is not, usually, a vagina symbol, or else I have misinterpreted its meaning completely. But, if not a vagina symbol here,(a loving-bosom symbol, to be exact) then it would have to refer to a selfengendered ejaculation urge in penis, which can only be stimulated and accelera¬ted by vagina, but is not due to vagina in itself. The “second’s right” would then not mean a plea for a moment of time, but be a plea for consideration of a second personality’s right (the fe¬male orgasmic desire) in this “long race with him”(the “him” now being God/glans).

Simplicity fled from his counterfeit presence
As Gold the Pyrites would shun -

:The “counterfeit presence” is penis in contraceptive, “simplicity” possibly the simple, natural male urge manifest in the emission(now in process) which is a “gold” that cares not for the “pyrite” of female orgasm. However, everything could change, and the last two lines of the poem acquire good sense, if we con¬sidered the "preacher upon "breadth"" to be the orgasmic desire for the glans in mutual climax; only, alas, a snarl in other of the symbolism then occurs, especially the “truth” never flaun¬ted a sign" which clearly enough means: female orgasmic desire never flaunts a sign, like penis does with ejaculation. However – know not I!

:see poem 916.

The Stars are old that stood for me -
The West a little worn
Yet newer glows the only Gold
I ever cared to earn -

:Semen emission has become “old hat” and tiresome to the loving bosom that has been used too much. The lure of the snatch orgasm has become all the more enticing for all that. The “only gold I ever cared to earn” could, however, refer to the lesbian bliss.

But take away as difficult
As undiscovered Gold -

:The “it” discussed here is the woman’s sexual nature, its orgasmic desire, and its automanipulative means to satisfy it. “Undiscovered gold” is brought in here in the univocal sense, but it can be made to apply to a spinster’s not finding her male, to orgasmic snatch, and to vaginal rise to mutual climax, but failing to make the glans.

Bees are Black, with Gilt Surcingles

:Why semen quanta should be “black”, I do not know, and the “gilt surcingle” would indeed be an item of clothing the glans sports during emission. But it is the semen quanta that ride abroad in ostentation and "subsist on fuzz’’(which I take to mean the contraceptive’s film). The contraceptive would be “fuzz ordained – not contingent” that is: a protective device or convenience introduced by man, not by nature provided. “Marrows of the Hill” would make of “fuzz” semen, however. But the “Jugs, a glans’ eruption could not jar or spill” could apply to the contraceptive again. So this explanation fits the several enumerated situations in the poem only imperfect¬ly. We can turn interpretation around and take the “black bee” for orgasmic attempt of the female, and its dealing with the “fuzz” within contraceptive, in the crump attempt.

For though his price was not of Gold -
More arduous there is -

:“his mind” a “fabric of the East” is the glans in purple color and firm stance of ejaculation. To gain it in mutual climax costs more than merely fondling service to bring it about. One must be able to grab it, to catch it, to “comprehend” it. An arduous price it be!.

I never thought that Jason sought
For any Golden Fleece

:“I never thought that my orgasmic desire was out to catch the semen emission in mutual climax.”

How destitute is he
Whose Gold is firm

:Refers to heterosexual intercourse that has become habitual, plodding; thus it singles out marital intercourse especially.

But Destiny is old
And economical of Bliss
As Midas is of Gold

:A mutual climax is being described. “Destiny” is woman’s fate to be relegated to loving-bosom servitude, crum-orgasm or even frustration. “Midas” cannot exactly be accused to be stingy with gold, since everything he touches turns to gold, so the irony in the statement must be: penis/Midas is too preoccupied with getting rid of his semen-gold to have any thought for lingering communion in the giving and receiving of his dispensations.

The tranquil perfidy
Alloys our firmer moments
With that severest gold
Convenient in the longing
But otherwise withheld.

:The “statutes do not meddle with the internal bar” could be taken to mean: “the law does not forbid automanipulative compensation, as it does forbid the lesbian intimacy”, but I believe this is not the sense here. The “tranquil perfidy” of penis’ premature ejaculation leaves vagina in aroused contractive desire for that “severest gold” of mutual climax which is being withheld. The “sauntering through those old grounds of memory, alone” is the process of gaining the crumb.