Synonyms: graves

Pre-analysis assumption: “grave” stands for contraceptive and for the vagina. (It is obvious that in most symbols for the contraceptive an ultimate vaginasignificance must stand behind, so, if the c. is container for the expelled semen, vagina would be it if the c. were not used, and vagina is it in the last analysis even if the c. is used, for v. is container of c. and indeed, the symbol “coffin” is once in a while used for c. and then it is very obvious that v. must be the place in which the c. is buried.) “Grave” is a derivate of the “death” symbolism complex which conceives of sexual fulfillment as a transfigured, happy passing of life into death. Whatever other words that describe anything connected with death are encountered in the poems, must necessarily stand in some connection with the gray symbol also, that is to say, in my analysis they must be able to “clear” each other.