Synonyms: hands, handed, handled

Preanalysis assumption: “hand” stands primarily for the sex organs vagina and penis, secondly for those peculiar functions of each which assist the other in getting her or his climax. It is a compelling need of the secret language to avoid repetition of the same symbols as much as possible, so as not to arouse the suspicion of the reader. Considering that the theme and thesis of the heterosexual part of her poetry could be brought under the main title: The COMEDY AND THE DRAMA IN THE INTERCOURSE BETWEEN PENIS AND VAGINA, it is obvious that a symbol for penis and for vagina must appear in almost all poems. If she therefore used only one symbol for each of these genitals, the frequency of having to use them would let the secret of these symbols out in no time, and besides, would make the reading of the poems soon an unbearable irritation. As it is, she devised over 400 different symbols for each of these genitals, yet even so had to use some of the main ones from 50 to 150 times throughout the work. And again even so, with all this great diversification of symbols she could not avoid strong impressions of oddity, repetitiousness and irritability because of incomprehensibility inherent in so many of the poetic statements vexing the reader. Critics have harped on this aspect of her poetry from the very beginning of its publication. Let us note that while she invented so many different symbols for relatively few organs, parts of organs, acts, and phases of activities, she tried to invest each of the synonymous symbols with some special meaning. It is these special meanings which I must discover during my present work of preliminary analysis of all the symbols.