Synonyms: hats

Contraceptive. The semen emission on penis and the orgasm on the uteral contractive convulsion (“I took the butterfly in my hat”) (70) means the latter. The hundred hats (98) stand as exaggerated number for the quanta of semen emission. The “palm leaf hat” (166) is contraceptive it shades against the “rays of the sun”. The “Seraphs’ snowy hats” are glans in emission (214), “A crepe upon the Hat” (255), should mean semen in contraceptive, with the latter serving as hat for penis and vagina. The “wind” that threatens a hat", (316), is ejaculative rise threatening the contraceptive, and the “little boys hats” the “flings” are semen quanta. “The Juggler’s Hat” which is “her country”, (330), is the contraceptive, especially when semen arrives in it. “I tie my hat, I crease my shawl”, (443), says: "suppress my eagerness to snatch a premature orgasm and “crease” (make wrinkled notions (my vagina, in giving, penis fondling service". “I’ll send the feather from my hat”, 8687), “I’ll take a preliminary snatch orgasm on him”. “The Sunshine threw his Hat away”, (794), “the glans disposed of its emission”. “Whose unclaimed Hat and Jacket sums the history” (923), “whose unclaimed semen deposit and the contraceptive that contains it, tells the rest of the story”. “To make one lift one’s hat”, (946), “to trigger one’s ejaculation or orgasm”. “We miss his stated hat” (1130), hints at penis impotence. “The twilight stood with hat in hand”, (1104), penis after ejaculation, in contraceptive, holding out for crumb orgasm. “November hung his granite Hat upon a nail of plush”, (1140), “Crumborgasmic attempt hung its orgasm on a softly collapsed penis”. (1152) “The ducal hat” ejaculation, “Tell” is vagina, she would not take it passively but took it in her cup in mutual climax. “Put down your Hat” (1320), “start emitting”. “Summer laid her simple Hat” (1363), summer be penis, the shelf the contraceptive, the “ribin” to be snatched the mutual. “This horizontal one that will not lift its hat” (1527), impotent penis. “Loosed the moon her silver hat”, (l672), vaginal cup let loose with orgasm.