Synonyms: houses

Preanalysis assumptions: “house” is essentially a space symbol, suggesting an enclosure that contains something. Since there are many other such in the vocabulary of her secret language, one should not be surprised that the analysis cannot be much more than a repetition of an exercise in concepts of which we, by the very repetitiousness of their appearances, have become more than a little satiated. Let us recapitulate what we have found so far about the “space” symbols: 1. they can be aligned toward a sexual meaning in several ways, and, surprisingly, in the male direction more than the female one. To be sure, the vagina is the supreme sexual container, and, I may say, the only female one in her poetry, ( there are one or two pieces in which a suspicion comes up that in the early phase of her sexual relationship with the man a mouthpenis connection may have occurred but as I say: a suspicion, not evidence.) But even vagina is container only in the second degree, since the contraceptive intervened as the prime one. In the male alignment contraceptive, penis/urethra and testes come out as containers. 2. insofar as the seat of feelings and emotions experienced in sexlife can be looked at as a container, terms like soul, mind, brain, spirit, also must be included in this complex. Thus we may find in the “House” symbol one female meaning: vagina v.; three male one’s: contraceptive contr., penis/urethra pu, and testes t.; and psychic meanings which may have male or female connotation but which probably are shared jointly.