Synonyms: infinity, infinities, infinitude

Preanalysis assumption: “Infinite”, “infinity” must somehow go into the symbol cluster that comprises „eternity", “immortality”, and of course also “finity” or the “finite”, perhaps also “space” “time”, “world”, “universe”. Even though the preliminary analysis of some of these terms are now behind me, I have not yet gained any hard and fast understanding of any of them. I am afraid, this will be the meager result also of the analysis before me. I will mention but one of the minor possibilities hidden in this symbol: the “infinite” can be considered that which is not finished. Thus whenever penis has ended a premature ejaculation, there is that unfinished business for vagina to find orgasm also, and that would be in the “crumb”. We should expect that the “infinite” means occasionally the crumborgasm, then. But even more should we expect it to designate frustration, the truly “unfinished” business in heterosexual intercourse.