Synonyms: lower, lowered

Low, a comp. lower, superl. lowest.
1. Being or situated below any given or imagined level; being or going below the usual position ; not rising to the usual height; depressed; deep, as a low valley, low ground, low site.
2. Not high or elevated not rising far above a given surface or level; at a point not far above a recognized level; as, a low seat; a bird’s low flight; a low shelf; the sun is low when near the horizon.
3. Not lofty, tall or high; having comparatively little height; as a low hill; low stature.
4. Below the usual rate or amount; or below the ordinary value.
5. Not high in degree, quality or character, grade, number, etc.
Not rising to the proper standard; moderate, inferior; weak; mean; base.
6. Depressed in a scale of sounds, not high in pitch; deep.
7. Not loud; soft.

Low, adv.
1. Not aloft; not on high; near the ground; as, the bird flies very low.
Under the usual price.
In or to a mean condition.
4. With a depressed voice; not loudly.
5. On a low key.
6. So as to have a small altitude or declination; near the horizon as, the moon runs low, that is it appears far in the south.