Pre-analysis assumption: there seems to be an easy going in and out from equivocalness into univocalness with the term “mind”. In its sexual alignment “mind” takes a place beside “heart” in the secret language, in that sense “mind” denotes selfish will, selfish inclination and selfish intention, all directed toward achieving the sexual requitement for one’s self, in disregard of the other’s holes and desires or expectations, while “heart” is expressive of an unselfish, a loving attitude, toward one’s partner in sexual intercourse. The term seems often to appear as a name for one or the other of the two main genitals, the vagina and the penis, especially the former. It seems that when she speaks of vagina as her “heart” she means mostly vagina in the loving-bosom function, while, when she speaks of her as “mind” she means freewheeling vaginal motions calculated, or having the intention, to snatch orgasm, either as premature or mutual, or as crumb. Thus, if “mind” or “heart” refer to vagina, one must think of vagina in motion and intention. In reference to penis “mind” seems to qualify the virility of the male drive, mainly in an effort to calculate the imminence of ejaculation. I found reasons to think that the real male symbol in opposition to the female “mind” is “thought” the erective penis in piston-push towards the vaginal interior. In that sense vagina is “mind” or “brain”, the vessel that gives room, contains “thought”, the male ejaculative intent.