Synonyms: mornings, morning star, morning glory

Preconceived notion: I have for years taken the symbol “morning” to denote the opening phase of the heterosexual act, taking my cue from poem 931: “morning the East compelling the sill.” I interpreted that to mean any or all variations of the ritual of the man’s bestriding the woman in the opening act. I have since come to learn that the symbol has many meanings and that the aspect just mentioned is only one of them First, several deductions must be made from the fact that “morning” has a definite place in the continuity of “Day” it embraces the entire period from midnight to noon. The male ejaculative phase starts with sunrise and ends with sunset. It is called “day”. “noon”, is the culmination point of “sun”, the ejaculating penis. Thus it falls together with the serving/fondling phase of the female participation in the act (however, that does not mean that it necessarily has a female aspect in this regard, since I have come to learn that while “day” is the main symbol for the heterosexual intercourse, it restricts itself chiefly to describing male roles in the act). Analysis now will have to reveal whether “morning” has a "fondling“ meaning also. Further, it has become increasingly apparent in the deductions made in recent days that “morning” has a definite meaning in the second phase of female participation, when arousal and erotogenic coloration and erection comes to vaginal zones. Thus the female meaning of the symbol should logically embrace the entire period from beginning of arousal to just before orgasm. I noted that this female “morning” is attributed only to that phase when arousal starts after male climax. It seems not to appear in any descriptions of premature orgasm or of mutual climax; but this assertion needs to be verified in the coming analysis. Further I should note that the symbols: “dawn”, “aurora”, “dew”, “east”, “orient”, “Asia” etc. are associate symbols of “morning” and that the symbolic statements in which any of them appear must jibe with this associative fact.
I will encounter again the main trouble in all efforts to translate her symbolic meanings into univocal, ordinary ones, which is that existing vocabularies of scientific and vulgar sex languages lack a truly equivalent term to cover all these meanings. So this will be another exercise in hobbling along I may be permitted to sigh also for once about my particular shortcoming: no matter how long I have now been at home in the realm of the English language, it is nevertheless the second language to me, and would be even if I had completely forgotten my mother language German. There is some sort of instinctual grasp one acquires as a child, when learning one’s mother language from which later the gift of one’s own style may develop. This grasp is rarely acquired in the learning of a second language, if indeed ever.