Synonyms: pearls

A semen symbol; the stile of pearl (70), is either penis or glans. The “diver” for “pearls” is usually vagina, alluding to her attempt to leap for the glans in mutual climax. Penis is “paradise”, glans the “moat of pearl” (213). By extension, “pearl” becomes symbol for glans in emission or impending emission (as in 299).“Pearls in Eastern Waters” seem to be those of orgasm, with which she would ornate glans in mutual climax (424). “Such enormous pearl as life” (in 444) refers to the ejaculation potential of penis in intercourse. The “people pearl” of 457 is somewhat obscure in meaning, unless it simply means semen, the male sperm without which children (people) cannot be created. Ejaculation is the unwinding of the “yarn of pearl” (605), or the “squandering of threnodies of pearl”.