Synonyms: places, placing, placed

Pre-analysis Assumption

“place” seems largely to be used in its univocal sense, but with a sexual alignment which points to the female genitals and to the male one. It suggests perhaps predominantly locations within the vagina, and next on the glans. An attempt to pinpoint the spots where the pain/pleasure sen¬sations of sexual intercourse are most acutely felt, seems evi¬dent it the poem quite often. For the female, it seems, this pinpointing of location is somewhat of an obsession, and for good reason: her sensate awareness needs a focus to trigger the orgasm. The male is luckier, the glans/corona provides the narrow rim of greatest penis/glans expansion in which the friction of vaginal, motion-contact is most acute and in which the male sensate awareness during intercourse is largely concentrated, even though the male also needs occasionally a finer pinpointing of the sensorial focus, and this, for him, would be in the glans lip. The female is handicapped. To begin with, as the Master/Johnson investigations established, the inner vaginal wall is insensate. And the Dr. Kegel investigation (as described in the Ronald M. Deutsch book: (Female Sexual Response) further clarifies that whatever sensate awareness within the vagina is had by the female, comes through the nerve-ends of the pubococcosygeus muscle. It is therefore widespread rather than pin-pointed. Nonetheless women claim that there is a certain “spot” in the inmost vagina which the male organ must stimulate in order that orgasm may be triggered. To some extent this must be a delusion. The great, rounded surface of the glans neces¬sarily touches as large a vaginal surface and a pinpointing of touch in a strict sense could hardly be possible. Further¬more it is the coronal rim of the glans that makes the surest contact with the vagina, and if any “spot-touch” can come in question, it would have to lie on a ring in the vaginal wall to which the glans corona has to penetrate and frictionize it. I would guess that such a ring of sensitiveness in the inner vagina may exist at the latitude of the orifice of the uterus, it might locate even in one section of this ring only. But even so a real pinpoint spot hardly would exist, the sen¬sation would have to be area-distributed. Also one should think there would have to be certain eminences on the glans to assist the vagina to spot-focus her sensations, and or, certain prominences on the vaginal wall also to facilitate this achievement of awareness. Conceivably the cervix horns might have such a function. However, the Master/Johnson in¬vestigation seems to categorically deny any spot sensitive¬ness in the inmost vagina. There remains to assume that this pinpoint place-feeling of where orgasm is triggered, is a psychic one. We must consider that the vaginal participation in the act is in a sense an implosive one, a violent contraction of the vaginal wall inwards upon penis at the moment of the latter’s ejaculation. Even though the contraction itself may be an involuntary one, the female urge for her own orgasm is at play also and thus a brain directed intention of capturing the glans is involved and if pain or pleasure is experienced, a more or less accurate idea is formed in the mind a& to where the seat of these sensations may lie.
However, Emily’s sensate awareness of the inner vaginal happenings during the act goes into such extraordinary details that I may say, even now when I have not yet made any sort of survey over the accumulated facts, that the sexologists claim of intravaginal insensitiveness just cannot be true. As revealed in the poems, the vaginal feel of penis seems to be complete all through the act and is most detailed at period of male ejaculation and thereafter. Remarkable especially seems to me the conscious endeavour of the vagina to somehow shove the semen within the contraceptive away from glans to regain contact. Whether she really accomplishes this feat physically or only imagines she does, I cannot know; it would seem to require almost a finger like dexterity on the part of the vaginal cup.
Furthermore it must be kept in mind that this feat is felt by her to be performed at a time when the cul de sac is at its greatest expansion and the glans lost to vaginal con¬tact (if ever that contact can be lost at all). Of all these aspects more comment on later occasions.

Save by loving sunrise
Looking for her face.
Save by feet unnumbered
Pausing at the place.

:The poem seems to describe penis; if so, the place where the feet, the vaginal motions (and also the piston pushes of penis himself, pause, would be the glans.

Where tired Children placid sleep
Through centuries of noon
This place is Bliss –
This town is Heaven -
Please Pater, pretty soon!

:Even though I guessed differently in the analysis of “children” I would say the place is in the contraceptive.

Some think it service in the place
Where we – with late – celestial face
Please God – shall ascertain.

:The place seems to be glans.

When upon a pain Titanic
Features keep their place -

:Feature is usually a surname for penis, to keep his place would then mean to maintain erection.

Morning is the place for Dew -

:To fuse a time designation with one of space is a feat she here accomplishes by simply introducing “dew” for vaginal moistness, that identifies the time as opening phase of act, “morning”, and the location in the middle section of the vagina.

Late – when I take my place in summer -

:Time: after ejaculation, place: on the glans.

How mighty ’twas – to be
A Guest in this stupendous place -
The parlor – of the Day.

:The place seems to be within the contraceptive.

I know a place where Summer strives
With such a practised Frost -
She – each year – leads her Daisies back -
Recording briefly – “Lost” -

:The place seems to come out as contraceptive, however there are statements in this poem which I have not yet fully understood.

Whose Pencil – here and there -
Has notched the place, that pleased Him

:The pencil being penis one would think the place to be in the cul de sac or there about. In lesbian act the pencil would be finger.

With “this was she -
Begged in the Market place -
Yesterday” -

:Market place is where penis and vagina do their trade or exchange their goods – in and about the contraceptive.

Its sweet parade – blaspheme the place -
Ordained to suffering -


They perished in the Seamless Grass -
No eye could find the place -

:Glans (?)

Not in this World to see his face -
Seems long – until I read the place
Where this – is Raid to be
But just the Primer – to a life -
Unopened – rare – Upon the Shelf -
Clasped yet – to Him – and me -

:This poem is difficult to dissect. I have held it to be lesbian in character, but I am not so sure about it now. “Face” almost certainly is glans, but the “place” she is to read, while it could be again glans, after ejaculation, might as well be cli¬toris.

425 Sunshine was a sweet place
I liked to stay -

:“Sunshine” would be emission, but since this is not a place,glans is implied.

To vitalize the Grace -
The Heaven hath a Hell -
Itself to signalize -
And every sign before the Place
Is gilt with sacrifice -

:Glans seems indicated again.

The power to be true to you,
Until upon my face
The Judgment push His Picture -
Presumptuous of your Place -

:If this was lesbian in meaning then “your place” would be clitoris. But “judgement push his picture” is ejaculation disseminating, and this can scarcely be “presumptuous of your place”(clitoris). Thus the poem must be heterosexual and the “power to be true to you” would refer to loving bosom action.

I left the Place, with all my might -


The Wind does not require the Grass
To answer – wherefore when He pass
She cannot keep Her place.

:Vagina cannot resist having her orgasm.

489 Is Heaven a Place – a Sky – a Tree?

:Is heaven (male bliss in Intercourse) a glans, a contraceptive film, a penis in erection? (?)

We trust – in places perfecter -
Inheriting Delight
Beyond our fair conjecture -
Our dizzy Estimate -

:Since the “fair – fictitious people” seem to be semen, the “places perfecter” would be inside the contraceptive.

It was a boundless place to me


On Atoms – features place -

:“place” is verb here, not noun. The poem is obscure.

“Heaven” has different Signs to me -
Sometimes I think that Noon
Is but a symbol of the Place -

:Penis in optimum erection, and purple glans, be just symbols of “heaven”, the place where sexual bliss is experienced.

The Rapture of a finished Day -
Returning to the West -
All these – remind us of the place
That Men call “Paradise” -

:The rapture of male ejaculation and penis collapse make “para¬dise” the place within contraceptive.

But not the Grief – that nestled close
As needles – ladies softly press
To Cushions Cheeks -
To keep their place -

:Needle is penis symbol, thus “cushions cheek” would be intravaginal wall, contracting. “To keep their place” is actually the purpose of vaginal contraction upon penis, to force him to ejaculate into the pool below the uteral orifice.

’Tis His to stimulate the Earth -
And magnetize the Sea -
And bind Astronomy, in place,

:Astronomy is the science of taking the measurements of the heavens, sexually aligned the sentence means: it is the business of penis/sun to excite the vagina and especially its moisting exudance, and to reach the spot where he will achieve his bliss.

He found my Being – set it up -
Adjusted it to place -

:Presumably contraction upon glans is being interdicted by the lover and vagina is enjoined to devote herself to loving bosom service.

And though their places somewhat filled -
As did their Marble names
With Moss – they never grew so full -
You chose the newer names -

:The reference is to glans, its “marble name” the purple engorgement; “moss” is semen, the “newer name” glans under semen, being captured by orgasmic contraction.

It begs you give it Work -
But just the placing Pins -

:“pin”, like needle, is a penis symbol. To “place- penis” or to press it to the vaginal cheek (as in poem 584) may refer to the opening phase of intercourse or be a description of loving bosom action which draws penis inwards into the cul de sac.

The Brain has Corridors – surpassing
Material Place -

:Vagina is material place, the surpassing corridor refers probably to the imaginings of the phantasy during automanipulation.
Far safer, through an Abbey gallop,
The Stones a’chase -
Than Unarmed, one’s a’self encounter -
In lonesome Place.

:Intravaginal space, unfurnished by penis. Ejaculation is “through an abbey gallop”(semen rising in penis urethra).

Neither Place – need I present Him -

:The “shapeless friend” would be penis in collapse; it would be useless to try orgasmic contraction upon it (present place).

Have any like Myself
Preserved the Charm secure
By shunning carefully the place
All Seasons of the Year,

:The place shunned would be glans.

The Acre gives them Place -

:Penis – four times in erection – vagina gave him place.

When I hoped – I recollect
Just the Place I stood -

:Probably on glans corona.

This passive Place a Summer’s nimble mansion

:The contraceptive’s inside.

Escaping backward to perceive
The Sea upon our place -

:Vaginal action at times of penis peaking.

And leave a Day at every Door
A Deed in every place -

:Semen on glans and in contraceptive.

Until a Pioneer,
As Settlers often do
Liking the quiet of the Place
Attracted more unto

:Contraceptive inside.

Absent Place – an April Day -
Daffodils ablow

:Vagina/contraceptive – penis in ejaculation – semen ablow.

Through all their former Places, we
like Individuals go
Who something lost,

:The former places are chiefly glans not yet under emission.

Precious! it was conceiveless fair
As Hands the Grave had grimed
Should softly place within our own
Denying that they died.

:Glans is the hand the grave had grimed and softly yielding to the orgasmic grip.

But what that Place could be -
Afflicts me – as a Setting Sun -
Where Dawn – knows how to be -

:The poem quite obviously deals with a new method and experience in sexual intercourse, but whether it is the lesbian intimacy or a new and surer way to achieve orgasm, possibly in mutual climax, I cannot as yet make out. The place is either glans or clitoris.

946 It is an honorable Thought
That We’ve immortal Place

:“immortal place” could be a sarcastic reference to frustration by which she pokes fun at herself in bitter-sweet manner for not to be able to “die” after all means not to be able to get sexual fulfilment. However, another interpretation of the symbolic meaning of immortality is possible in which death has univocal sense and deathlessness also and the eternal is the sexual and its mutual fulfilment the point in the infinite where two parallels cross and experience “immortality”. These terms of the finite, infinite, immortality, eternity, time, are difficult to recognize in their exact symbolic meanings. It may well be that their definition will forever escape me.

I only have it not tonight
In its established place -

:The poem seems to celebrate an orgasm, the established place, the one she most commonly had to occupy, would then be that of the loving bosom, enfolding penis, not the glans.

As Lightning on a Landscape
Exhibits Sheets of Place -
Not yet suspected – but for Flash -
And Click – and Suddenness.

:This seems to say that she became acutely aware of the contraceptive film only at the time of “lightning” (ejaculation).

The Sun in place – no other fraud
On Nature’s perfect Sum -

:The glans in place. The “perfect sum” must mean mutual climax.

The little note that others dropt
I fitted into place

:The phebe seems to be a ground dwelling bird, thus a symbol of “earth”, of vagina and orgasm. But since she was wont to spell phebe as “fee bee” (a spirit bee) she could refer by that to her lesbian inclination. (Phantom bee is a term she once al¬so used). But the two line sentence really seems to say: the subject of my poems is the sexual intercourse the little note that others dropt."

But Sunrise stopped upon the place
And fastened it in Dawn.

:Words are ambiguous with her because she makes of them symbols, and symbols are ambiguous because quite often they can be symbolic in different ways. That makes for uncertainty in definition occasionally, and in this poem this is one of the times. It could be about the lesbian intimacy, or of mutual climax.

And Place was where the Presence was
Circumference between.

:Here “place” becomes the empty space of vagina in expansion after penis climax and removal. “Circumference” is vaginal wall.

We do not know the time we lose -
The awful moment is
And takes its fundamental place
Among the certainties -

:Frustration was a “fundamental place” among the certainties of her sexual experience.

Exhilaration is the Breeze
That lifts us from the Ground
And leaves us in another place
Whose statement is not found.

:Vaginal rise to gain glans and orgasm is the subject of the talk. A curious situation is here involved: penis is held by the middle section of the vagina, glans is lost in the greatly expanded cul de sac, thus giving the vagina a disoriented impression of the whereabouts of the glans. The orgasmic contraction seems to be executed by the uterus muscles while the vaginal muscles hold penis firmly in their grasp, and that grasp presumably reaches right up to the glans corona. But the sensate feeling that the glans is gotten hold of stems from the uterus, not from the vaginal wall and the focus of the sensation must center on the glans lip, not on the corona, but this in turn presupposes that the cul de sac contracts in the orgasmic experience, for it is its “cheek” that would embrace or touch the glans lip. The mechanism of orgasm is not easily understood and seems up against certain impossibilities. I wonder whether Ma¬sters-Johnson really investigated the process as thoroughly as they should have.

The Wind – unto his Chambers went
And Nature ventured out -
Her subjects scattered into place
Her systems ranged about

:Ejaculative force in penis rose the semen ventured out its quanta scattered into place the bodies ranged about

After a hundred years
Nobody knows the place
Agony that enacted there
Motionless as Peace

:This poem, too, could be read in a sexual alignment – the hundred years, for instance, would come out as hundred intercourses, but it is best to take it in an outer sense only, and the “place” as her heart that suffered all those experiences which then found expression in her poetry. The latter is really the grave that is described.

Henceforth I take my living place
As one commuted led -
A Candidate for Morning Chance
But dated with the Dead.

:That as late as 1871 a poem still should deal with the loving bosom compulsion the lover forced upon her, is strange. Her “living place” here is her role to play in sexual arousal.

Traversed she though pausing
Latitudeless Place.

:Latitudeless place could be clitoris, since it knows neither “north”, “south”, “east”, nor “west”; but the poem presents problems and I hesitate to put unquestioningly a lesbian interpretation upon it.

Than God the loudest Place he made
Is licensed to be still.

:Presumably vagina or its place where orgasmic desire is felt.

This is the place they hoped before,
Where I am hoping now.

:The place is glans inside for “they”, outside for herself.

I do not know the man so bold
He dare in lonely place
That awful stranger Consciousness
Deliberately face -

:In vagina

In many and reportless places
We feel a Joy

:Neither vagina nor anus are mentionable in polite society, but intercourse as well as attending to digestive excretion can be a joy and possibly she means the latter here more explicitly than the former and for which she deserves a special hurrah!

But that it would affront us
To dwell in such a place -

:This is an Emily snarl again: “the fact that vagina is heaven whether(penis) is heaven or not, if not an affidavit of that specific spot, not only must confirm us that it is not for us but that it would affront us to dwell in such a place”. Just how it could affront a female to dwell in the vagina, or in orgasmic desire, is somewhat difficult to see.

No stature has it, like a Fog
When you approach the place

:Semen; semen in contraceptive.

And graphic consequence
Invested sombre place -
As suddenly be worn
By sober individual
A Homogeneous Gown.

:Semen emission into contraceptive makes her suddenly aware that penis wore a contraceptive all along but was not felt because it did not impair the feeling of contact with penis and glans, a contact which is lost with the semen intrusion.

The Bird her punctual music brings
And lays it in its place -

:Ejaculation arrives punctually with its sound effects (upon the contraceptive’s wall or drum).

Lightly stepped a yellow star
To its lofty place

:Lightly stepped a female match, an orgasm to its lofty place
on penis’s glans.