Synonyms: powerless, powerful

Sexual vigor; sustained vigor in the sexual urge; aggressive, domineer force in will and genital of one of the sexual partners; the sexual urge per se; male capacity to sustain erection beyond ejaculation; the mail sexual urge that supports the penis erection, maintains it through ejaculation, and especially, if only hopefully, enables the male to retard climax in order to afford the female a catch-up to the mutual. She uses the term also to describe psychic forces, as the power to mangle (348), the power to deem (299, 358, 754), the power to do (424), the power to be true to you (464), the power to presume (5l8), terrestrial (vaginal) power (522), power to perceive his process with vitality (925), the power to contain (vaginal) (l286). Sexual power can be awful (1134), or compromised (l232); it accosts, (1335); can be accidental (1624).