Synonyms: prays, prayer

Preanalysis assumption: “pray” with exclamation mark is probably in the beginning used just as a figure of speech, and only became tinted with sexual alignment when the symbol “prayer” was evolved to design a certain innovation in vaginal motions at the moment of semen rise in urethra. Of this motion she seems to have been conscious as one of “shaping” the inmost vaginal fold in a way as to facilitate the gaining of a grip on glans. It can hardly be assumed that she had a precise sensate awareness of the process, nor am I sure whether this “praying” posture is identical with motion sequences by which she learned to gain the glans in mutual climax, and which she sometimes called “strategy” and/or “tactics”, “gem tactics”. It seems to me that in this situation which she characterizes as “prayer” the supreme, the critical moment for the female in heterosexual intercourse is involved. Either I have not read Masters/Johnson’s book, Human Sexual Response, attentively enough, or else it lacks precise observations in these aspects, but I must say I am without guidance from sexology to arrive at a thorough and specific understanding of this most basic situation in heterosexual intercourse.