Preanalysis assumption: “Purple” is not in itself a symbol and becomes one only in conjunction with a noun or a verb. So is the “purple flower”, the “purple moat”, the “purple Democrat” the “purple stile”, the “purple Creature”, “purple tar”, etc. the purple glans. And so is “purple traffic”, “purple ribaldry”, etc. the sexual intercourse, not necessarily heterosexual only. Otherwise it is simply a term with an easy polarisation towards erotogenous coloration, be it male or female. It is often synonymous with “red”, “carmine”, cochineal, and also blue. The term has also an interchangeability with “blood”, in which term again it can align with “life”, meaning in all three sexual virility and arouse symbolically or just in alignment, all these terms in the “red” syndrome suggest a state of arousal, of high excitation, and they place mostly in the phase that peaks into climax or orgasm. I might skip closer analysis, entry by entry, but will not do so, hoping that perhaps other meanings might find clarification if I go into it with absorbed intent.