Synonyms: remembrance, remembered, remembering

Webster: remember, v.t.
l. To bring or call back to mind or memory; to recall to remembrance.
2. To put one in mind of; to remind.
3. To come or return to the memory or remembrance of. (obs.)
4. To bear or keep in mind; to preserve unforgotten; not to forget or let slip.
5. To be continually thoughtful of; to attend to; to observe.
6. To keep in mind with gratitude or reverence, respect, favor or any other feeling; to observe: as, to remember an admonition.
7. To think of; to bear in mind, to consider; to take into consideration.
8. To mention. (obs.)
9. To give or present the regards or compliments of; to mention with compliments; as, remember me to your father, remember, v.i. To call anything to remembrance; to bear anything in mind; to exercise the faculty of memory; to recollect.