Synonyms: sees, seeing

Preanalysis assumption: to “see” is a climax symbol; it is “to have the experience of the other”. “To know”, “to meet”, “to dwell with”, are synonymous. It belongs to a symbol system that includes “eye”, “light”, “bright” and many others. By contraposition “dark”, "darkness’’, "night“, “black” belong also to the thought concept and visualisation that govern the system. It seems to have biblical allusions occasionally, but these are rather hard for me to trace. “Not to see that is: to be blind” also belong here. While, as a climax symbol, it is largely repetitious of situations that are described by a variety of other symbols, it nevertheless has its own idiosyncrasy, and may serve to disclose peculiar nuances of the basic situation, which the other synonyms may not be able to do so well.