Synonyms: sights

Pre-analysis Assumption

I have just now looked through, very cur¬sorily, the analyses of the terms “see” and “eye”, and found them too fatiguing, especially so for the reason that most of the interpretations in them had to be vague and unsure. I think the mistake I make with many of these terms which will not come out in precise meanings, is, that I treat them too much as symbols or semi-symbols, when most always the term should be taken in its univocal sense, with the symbolic meaning to be looked for in the things or acts it points to. That is to say, that I seem to be prone to forget the fundamental insight into the secret language, which I gained many years ago: that its main articulation lies in the use of polarization, of aligning the simple meaning of a term toward a sexual application.
Therefore, now, I decline to see in “sight” a clearcut symbolic meaning, and will try in each single analysis to point out to what significance in the sexual sphere it is made to point to.

Should you but fail at Sea -
In sight of me

:To fail at sea means for penis to go impotent in the fond¬ling phase. “In sight of me” would in this contest suggest: “when you are already in sight of that in me which your ejaculative excitement seems to have been looking for”. Translate: in grasp of that in me what excites you.

Till Hair – and Eyes – and timid Head -
Are out of sight – in Heaven

:“hair” being semen, “eyes” the glanslip, “timid head” the wilting glans, and “heaven” the contraceptive, “out of sight” here means: “are not looming into my consciousness with their former bulky evidence”, or simply: are out of direct contact with me (vagina).

To die – takes just a little while -
They say it doesn’t hurt -
Its only fainter – by degrees ¬
And then its out of sight -

:To “die” is to reach the exhaustion in climax; it ebbs out in ever fainter emissions; vaginal contact with it(penis/ glans) is lost; thus it is “out of sight”.

And so with Lives -
And so with Butterflies -
Seen magic – through the fright -
That they will cheat the sight -

:“And so with my virility and my orgasm – at which I marvel while I fear I will be frustrated in them”. It is possible that the last eight lines of the poem concern Kate, and that “they will cheat the sight” simply means: “that I shall not see her anymore, while she goes on and endows others with the bliss she has to give.”

My eyes just turned to see,
When it was smuggled by my sight
Into Eternity -

:My expectation turned for its fulfilment, when it (the glans)wilted out of my grasp;(but it can refer to semen, instead of to glans, for it is the semen emission she would have “seen” in the mutual climax.

Nor tossed my shape in Eider Balls,
Nor Rolled on wheels of snow
Till I was out of sight, in sound,
The House encore me so -

:Stanza 3 and 4, of which the above is 4, describe a penis climax. “Sight” (contact with him) is lost, but “sound” is gained by awareness of the rhythmic arrival of semen quanta at the contraceptive film.

There are two Ripenings – one – of sight -

:This is ejaculation, she is aware of it by its bulkiness, the ejaculation stance – thus “sight”

Another bed – a short one -
Women make – tonight -
In Chambers bright -
Too out of sight – though -
For our hoarse Good Night -
To touch her Head!

:This is crumb-orgasmic attempt; the shoving away of semen is “making the bed”, the “chambers bright” the contraceptive; “too out of sight” too impossible to grasp; the “hoarse good night” is the orgasm. From this I learn that “sight” can be a bona fide symbol, that of orgasmic grasp. When glans is held by her contractive convulsions it is in her “sight”. Another term could be possession of the glans in orgasm.

It burned Me – in the Night -
It Blistered to My Dream -
It sickened fresh upon my sight -
With every Morn that came -

:It “sickened fresh upon my sight” has the precise meaning that it frustrated her orgasmic grasp.

It might be easier
To fail – with Land in Sight -
Than gain – My Blue Peninsula -
To perish – of Delight -

:It might be easier to fail at the wilted glans, than gain the purple one – and exhaust myself in bliss.

It is dead – Find it -
Out of Sound – Out of sight -

:The three symbols have been defined and should be clear now.

Either the Darkness alters -
Or something in the sight
Adjusts itself to Midnight ¬
And Life steps almost straight.

:"either the freeze-up alters or something in the convulsive contraction adjusts itself to the wilting glans – and or¬gasmic arousal goes out for its fulfilment, almost as peak erect as in the mutual climax.

She sights a Bird – she chuckles -

:The opportunity for grasp is near – she flattens
This describes the exact moment when the “bird” the ejaculation, begins to rise in penis and vagina leaves off the fondling motion in preparation for the mutual leap.

At last – the Grace in sight -

:Grace" is glans, “sight” reverts from grasp to nearness enough for grasp.

There’s Banishment from native Eyes -
In sight of Native Air -

:The “native eyes” would be the glanslip, the “native air” the contractive space between vaginal cup and glans. “Sight” has the meaning of being in the reach or grip of it.

Flags are a brave sight -
But no true eye
Ever went by One -
Steadily -

:“flags” are the semen streamers coming from penis – they are a challenge to grasp – but no true orgasmic arousal could pass one up unmoved(unshaken, unafraid) or rather: went by one means took a ride on it unafraid.

A still – Volcano – Life -
That flickered in the night -
When it was dark enough to do
Without erasing sight -

:Without threatening frustration of orgasm.

These were bent – my sight got crooked -

:The poem is about vagina’s fondling motions; the stitches that were bent probably were such that engineered the leap on a snatch orgasm which would be the “crooked sight”.

The Tint I cannot take – is best -
The Color too remote
That I could show it in Bazaar -
A Guinea at a sight ¬

:The tint is glans’s at its purplest, the “Guinea” the mutual climax .

Because You saturated Sight -
And I had no more Eyes
For sordid excellence
As Parody

:This stanza in the poem superlative argues strongly for the les¬bian interpretation: "because you made me learn what the orgasm of all orgasm can be, and I had no aerial any more for sordid excellence as heterosexual intercourse

I’ll send the feather from my Hat!
Who knows – but at the sight of that
My Sovreign will relent?

:Whether the “feather from my hat” means snatch, or mutual or crumb, I cannot say for sure. The “sight” would be penis’ so it has to mean “at the feel of this my grip”.

Out of sight? What of that?
See the Bird – reach it!

“out of reach?” The poem is an admonition to vagina in the fondling phase, not to be deterred that glans is not yet within easy grasp, but to dare make the leap for the mutual climax, though it might fail.

It slipped – and slipped -
As One that drunken – stept -
Its white foot tripped -
Then dropped from sight -

:The “little Brig that slipped” is an attempt at mutual climax; “drop from sight” means: she lost her chance at the orgasmic grasp.

As Wrecked Men – deem they sight the Land -
At Centre of the Sea -

:I take the “wrecked man” here to be vagina that lost the mutual and now deems to sight the chance of crumb orgasm.

It suggests to our Faith -
They – suggest to our Sight -
When the latter – is put away

:I cannot pinpoint this, but “sight” seems to mean roughly contact-feeling with glans again.

The deepest hid is sighted first

:This could apply to the semen arrival at the contraceptive film; but I do not understand this poem – so guessing is tentative.

The Love, tho’, will array me right
I shall be perfect-in His Sight

:This too must wait on a better understanding of the whole poem. “to be perfect in his sight” should mean: he will be convinced that I give him the most perfect sexual stimulus possible.

Best Things dwell out of Sight
The Pearl – the Just – Our Thought.

:Out of sight = out of touch = out of conscious sensorial awareness. Glans, penis, our orgasmic intent.

Pain is the Junior Party
By just a Second’s right -
Death tenderly assists Him
And then absconds from Sight.

:This must wait on the definition of “pain” (which should refer to some female disappointment) – that “death tenderly assists him” points to crumb orgasm.

Till when around a Height
It wasted from my sight

:Losing contact with penis glans during ejaculation.

0f the Separated Parties
Which be out of sight?

:Penis/glans of course

How scant, by everlasting Light
The Discs that satisfied Our Sight -

:The “discs” should be the glans; but in this poem it seems quite possible that the remark refers to the lesbian beloved’s clitoris.

It feels like Poverty
An Earldom out of sight to hold,

:The feeling is likely to be had at moment of loss of mutual orgasm and transition to the crumb-orgasmic attempt.

Within a Seller’s Shrine
How many sight and sigh
And cannot, but are mad with fear
That any other buy.

:We may take “sight” here as without even an aligned meaning. But the stanza as such can apply to a moment in the end phase of fondling, when the leap on glans seems impossible, and yet the “fear” of premature penis climax is “maddening”.

I told my soul to come -
It was no use to wait -
We went and played and came again
And it was out of sight

:This probably refers to a snatch orgasm which rendered penis impotent and put him thus “out of sight”.

The Fruit perverse to plucking,
But leaning to the Sight

:"glans, unwilling to surrender, but leaning toward the orgasmic grasp.

And till Dominion set
I famish to behold so eminent a sight

:This would seem to describe very clearly parient vaginal waiting for her chance of possession of the glans (in crumb¬ orgasm), till ejaculation is over. But I have seen in this poem indications that it celebrates a snatch-orgasm followed by a mutual, or a mutual followed by a crumb. So this is tentative.

’Tis not to sight the savior -
It is to be the saved -
. . . .
Escape is such a thankful Word
I often in the Night
Consider it unto myself
No spectacle in sight

:The “spectacle” can be circumscribed as the ejaculation rise and stance. To “sight the Savior” to possess the glans; to be “saved” to have the orgasm.

Of their peculiar light
I keep one ray
To clarify the Sight
To seek them by -

:The “sight” to be clarified here is regaining contact with glans in crumb orgasm attempt. The one “ray kept” means not all the semen is being shoved aside, she needs a little of it for guidance. Whichever way we try to portray this to ourselves: an important incident in the attempt is being hinted at.

I’ll let my Heart be just in sight -

:Her leap for the mutual is imminent; if she sees a chance for it, she will derisively consider it an invitation of penis/glans to come administer a bliss to them which they desire.

We shun because we prize her Face
Lest sight’s ineffable disgrace
Our Adoration stain

:This threeline statement probably refers to Kate, on occasion of her visit to Amherst, in 1876 or 1877. In heterosexual meaning the “face” would be the glans, and what she “shuns” would either be the snatch or the mutual. This would indicate that she fears the grasp of glans would be disappointing.

Fame is the one that does not stay -
Its occupant must die
Or out of sight of estimate
Ascend incessantly

:“fame” would seem to be sexual prowess; “out of sight of estimate” would say: out of contact with the actual possibility. But whether vagina’s prowess or penis’ is in discussion, I cannot make out.

A bland uncertainty
Besets the sight
This mighty night

:Out of feel again. The poem is obscure.

Beauty crowds me till I die
Beauty mercy have on me
But if I expire today
Let it be in sight of thee -

:If “sight” here is in any sense on of physical contact with the male genital, then the definition of her symbol “beauty” would have to take an aspect which, I think, is not warranted. Therefore I note for taking “sight” here in an univocal, unaligned sense.

There’s something in the flight
That clarifies the sight
And decks the rays

:The “departing light” which is subject of this poem, is the semen emission. The “sight” that undergoes clarification would be the orgasmic desire.

And scans with fatal promptness
For Trains that moment out of sight,
Unconscious of its smartness.

:The trains may be the semen emission, but the whole poem is so hard to understand that I better make no guess here.