Synonyms: silvery

Notwithstanding the fact that she has made "gold’ already a symbol for semen, “silver” serves her for the very same purpose. If any small difference of meaning attaches to the latter, so it is that she uses it to describe with it the semen emission as a whole, as it comes from the glans, in a number of cases. Thus ejaculation is “light” that “swings its silver fleeces Peniel Hills beyond” (59), a “vestment” as the silver fleece" in (75), or ebbs out as a silver flow to the West (78); or has the silver sound of flutes (81); covers vagina’s eye with silver mists (111); is causing a silver strife among wrestling musicians (157); is the silver apron of penis (163), or its silver boot (240); or silver perishing on penis’ tongue (312); rolls home in quanta too silver for a seam (328); is penis’ silver call (398), or his silver heel on her Ancle (520); or his silver ball which he unwinds (or vagina unwinds) (605); or the silver mat on which a snake (ejaculate) gossips charmingly (606); or the silver practice with which penis vaults out of gaze (629); or is his coach of silver (665) or his silver will (737); or his silver reticence (too shy to wait for vagina to catch up with it (778) while the urethral region is vaginas silver shelf (747); ejaculation plates penis/glans with gold and silver pain (806); is lark’s music in silver rolled (861); its silver chronicle (864); the sexes attendance upon each other an everywhere of silver (884); ejaculation penis’ leaping on his silver feet (or rather semen in testes/penis leaps (1008); is penis’ silver principle (1084); the glans’ silver hat (1672).