Synonyms: skies

Preanalysis assumptions: The insights I have gained in all these many years of inputlabor in computerizing the secret symbols of her secret language, are still very vague. The symbol “SKY” is one of space and field or plane, in which, or on which the “sun” makes its circuit, and reaches its zenith (ejaculation). It is populated with clouds (semen emissions), it is air or space above earth toward which birds lift in flight also bees and butterflies, and eagles). This suggests that the symbol can have male and female meanings. There are sense capsules in which the symbol could mean the inside or the outside of the contraceptive’s film, the inside would be the male sky, the outside the female one; it is possible that this may be the basic meaning of “sky” it would be a very clever one. By extension of the visualization involved here, “sky” could also be vaginal wall and the total outer surface of penis, in the first penis/sun would make his circuit, on the latter the earth/vagina would aspire to contact (in this extended sense the contraceptive, though there, would be disregarded). In the sheer logic of symbolism, but either of them may be conceived in other visualizations, so there is no certainty about that. “Sky” may be synonymous with “Paradise” once in a while, but this, too, is doubtful, since “paradise” is more a symbol of sensorial pleasure than of intravaginal location. If other meanings attach to the symbol, I hope my preliminary analysis will discover them. I should add that it seems to me that “pane”, “window pane”, “window” are synonymous of “sky”, also the “wrapper” in which a parcel is rolled, the double-directed visualization in all of them is exactly the same.