Synonyms: sleeping

Pre-analysis Assumption

I have not been able so far, to come to very clear notions about what the term/symbol “sleep” really means. Inasmuch as she couples it once with the “shutting of the eye” it may indicate the state of exhaustion or full re¬quitement that follows upon ejaculation and orgasm. In some instances I have meant to see a suggestion of impotence, in others of indifference, in one of the partners.

Our Fathers being weary,
Laid down on Bunker Hill;
And though full many a morning,
Yet are they sleeping still, -

:Disregarding outraged patriotic feelings, the secret meaning of this stanza is: "my lover’s penis (our fathers), being tired of carry¬ing his semen load, laid down at the cervix region, and though I have made repeated crumb orgasmic attempts (morning) I have not been able to reawaken him .

Sleep is supposed to be
By souls of sanity
The shutting of the eye.
Sleep is the station grand
Down which, on either hand
The hosts of witness stand!

:Glans under semen, in near- or complete wilt, answers best to this. The “host of witness” is the emitted semen. “On either hand” should refer to glans and vagina, since both are concerned with this “sleep” or impotence due to penis requitement.

I sow my pageantry
In May
It rises train by train
Then sleeps in state again
My chancel – all the plain Today

:The “pageantry she sows” is that of penis’ ejaculation. It rises quantum after quantum, then goes into wilt within the contraceptive and the “plain” (glans) becomes her “chancel” in crumb orgasmic attempt.

She slept beneath a tree -
Remembered but by me.
I touched her Cradle mute
She recognized the foot
Put on her carmine suit And see!

Semen freight waited in testes (beneath the tree, beneath penis)
for awakening fondling service cradled it and the glans grew gross and purple
and see!

There’s something quieter than sleep
Within this inner room!

Glans under semen in contraceptive. Since that is “sleep”, “quieter than sleep” is somewhat of an inconsistent use of the term, as esta¬blished in poem 22. I ascribe it to an expression of subtle fondling of the glans, as if saying: “you are so very, very quiet, I must be careful how I disturb you”. Or else, and that is really the probable explanation: “it is quieter than sleep (in process of wilt) because it is already dead”( in complete collapse. )

Sexton! My Master’s sleeping here.

:“penis! the glans is wilting here” (start of crumb attempt)

Half glad when it is night, and sleep ,

:The exact meaning of the poem is not yet clear; it is difficult to place “night” exactly here, and therefore whose sleep and what kind of sleep are questions not easily answered. The probabilities point to penis/glans going into wilt, opening the chance at crumb orgasm. The difficulty is that this passes usually for her “morning”, but then, that should make it possible to see in her “morning” the “night” of penis, as indeed is suggested in poem 7 : “night is the morning’s canvas”.

If this is “sleep”,
On such a night
How proud to shut the eye!

:This corroborates the above interpretation: the address is to glans in wilt at the start of crumb-orgasm: if this is what requitement means, let me “shut my eye also”. Peacock presumes to die!

Tell me what time the weaver sleeps
Who spun the breadths of blue!

:The “weaver” is glans that “spun its breadths of blue”. The poem seems to describe crumb orgasm, and vagina being the “new robin”, also the one “whose fingers string the stalactite and count the wampum of the night”. The final stanza makes a plea for the “gala day” of mutual climax.

It listening – listening – went to sleep
Telling my tardy name

:The listening is /glans’s, the sleep her wilt into collapse, vagina’s tardiness occurred in crumb orgasm.

I held a Jewel in my fingers -
And went to sleep -

:Whether the “jewel” is purple glans, held in the vaginal motion in hope of mutual climax, or the glans in semen, with crumb orgasm being lost, is not easily to be made out. In either case vagina’s motions were tardy, she went to sleep.

And helps us to forget -
The absent – mystic – creature -
That but for love of us -
Had gone to sleep – that soundest time
Without the weariness

:This is penis/glans in collapse after emission of the semen it had been “weary” of before.

Breaking in bright Orthography
On my simple sleep

:The “bright orthography” is ejaculation, the “simple sleep”the well-known female tardiness in intercourse, to keep up with penis’ impetuous striving for the climax.

To make sure All’s Asleep -

:This line throws a rock into the spokes of this so freewhee ling poem that describes an intercourse in some detail, from beginning to end. But I think I see it now: “one hands the tools” refers to vagina in the fondling and lubricating service, the "other peep – to make sure All’s Asleep – (note the capitalization) refers to penis keeping close watch on her, lest she disregard his enjoyment and make a try for the “snatch orgasm”. “old-fashioned”, by the way, gets a definition here as male attitude that will not concede the female an equal right at orgasm, as penis assumes for his climax.

Like lowly spices, lain to sleep -

:Since “grass” and “odors” are not yet definitely assignable, “sleep” must remain unanswered here also.

I went to thank Her -
But She Slept -

:“her” is glans under semen, the “thanks” are crumb attempt.

Her Morning at the Door -
Devising, I am sure -
To force her sleep -

:Glans, subject for crumb. The fourth stanza presents a riddle with “her morning”, unless penis preparation for the next inter¬course is meant.

I did not dare to eat – or sleep -
For fear it would be gone -

:The present given is penis; “when I was a little girl” means the start of intercourse, the start of the fondling phase. “I did not dare to eat or sleep” says: “I did not dare to take a snatch orgasm, nor even rest in my fondling motions”.

And you – got sleepy – and begged to be ended -

:As this comes after "the clock kept neighing “Day”, which means “the emission quanta came one after the other” – crumb orgasm is indicated, and “got sleepy” may be interpreted “got tired of being still unrequited”.

And then – to go to sleep -

:“and then, to make ready to find rest” (crumb orgasm)

I had no cause to be awake -
My Best – was gone to sleep -
Sweet Morning – When I oversleep -
Knock – Recollect – to Me -

:“my best was gone to sleep” should mean: I had failed in making the leap for the mutual. “when I oversleep” hints at being slow at starting the crumb attempt.

The how the Grief got sleepy – some -

:Start of crumb attempt is indicated.

Just when the Grave and I -
Had sobbed ourselves almost to sleep,

:There is something in this poem that suggests to me that it is a very early one, that crumb orgasm had not yet been learned, and that the “sobbing ourselves to sleep” would indicate that orgasm was had by rubbing clitoris on lower penis. Since, however, this method cannot easily be proved so far by any symbolism, I better be careful in banking on it. It is the sentence: “so long I fainted,” that makes me think the crumb was not yet readily available to her at the time when the poem was written. All of it, though, could refer to mutual climax, which was consistently denied her, and which would cause the “woman”-penis to say “she’s sorry I am dead”. There is still one other solution to this, a median one which just for that might be the right one: the situation lies early in her sexual experience, it does deal with the crumb attempt, but it still meets oftener with frustration than it will later, when experience had grown into know-how.

Till then – dreaming I am sowing
Fetch the seam I missed -
Closer – so I – at my sleeping -
Still surmise I stitch

:The “sleeping” seems to appear here in the fondling phase; it could refer to an occasional forgetting herself in her duties and getting aroused and going off on a snatch-gaining tangent, only to catch herself in the last moment. It could even mean that a snatch had been taken and penis getting advised not to give up, she would be right back with him and fondling.

A long – long Sleep – a famous – Sleep -

:Penis having found utmost requitement, now in utter exhaustion, and needing his regular time for recuperation, probably a day.

Dreams tint the Sleep

:Conjectures of coming orgasm, arousal, perhaps, enter the indifference in fondling phase.

’Twas my last Gratitude
When I slept – at night -

:I don’t get this yet anywhere near a probability.

When all the Children sleep -

:When semen all has been emitted.

If it come in sleep
To suspend the Breath
Is the most we can

:The “crisis” is the moment when the gaining of glans for the mu¬tual climax is in the balance. “If it come in sleep” should mean that this moment may suddenly come when she is still in indifferent fondling motion, that is to say, not aware yet that the chance may be so near.

’Tis Noon – My little Maid -
Alas – and art thou sleeping yet?

:The same as above: penis glans have gone into ejaculation stance while vagina has not yet awakened to the nearness of her main chance

As in Sleep – all Hue forgotten

:Since “death” here is set opposite “sleep” the latter must be a state of vaginal being, and it seems to me to be the state of being forced aux concours in the fondling phase, and thus results in indifference.

The Suburbs of a Secret
A Strategist should keep,
Better than on the Dream intrude
To scrutinize the Sleep.

:Unveil me that! This riddle solving can become a most exhau¬sting undertaking. It would seem to say: the trigger-trick that gets me the glans in the leap for the mutual is such, that penis might get wise to it and henceforward be able to frustrate me in it; so it is better to forego the leap, once I realize that in doing so I could give the trick away. I reiterate once again, that going into orgasmic contraction at the very moment when penis/ glans go into ejaculation stance, is somewhat of an engineering feat for vagina, since that contraction must be executed by the vaginal cup and run counter to the motions of the middle vaginal tube, which must, also in the very same instant, contract to hold penis to the stance.

Water makes many Beds
For those averse to sleep

:“semen makes many beds for those that cannot stay indifferent” I do not know whether that twist to the meaning will catch it. The final line of the poem: whose Axis never comes" says: who never get the turn on mutual climax on the glans.

How good his Lava
Bed To this laborious Boy
Who must be up to call the World
And dress the sleepy Day (variant curl)

:To “dress”, or “curl” or “frill” the “sleepy Day”, would seem to mean to awaken the sleepy vagina for the orgasmic leap The laborious boy, the sun, is glans in its gross moment.

And whether sleep will stay
Or usher us – a stranger -
To situations new
The effort to comprise it
Is all the soul can do

:The “specific pillow” is the glans,“sleep” seems to be indifferent, unaroused vagina, the “situation new” the crumb orgasmic chance.

Now I lay thee down to sleep -
I pray the Lord thy Dust to keep
And if thou live before thou wake -
I pray the Lord thy Soul to make -

:When “to live” and to"be awake" means about the same, and yet she sets one before the other, she can exasperate a poor fellow; but of course, all it means that I simply have overlooked a cer¬tain rudiment. Let me interpret: vagina says to herself: now go and do thy fondling chore, and be unaroused, indifferent. I beg penis to arouse thee. But if you should suddenly find your¬self on top the glans in the mutual, before you even have awakened to your chance, then I beg penis/glans to take good care of what is your utmost concern.

Though the great Waters sleep -
That they are still the Deep,
We cannot doubt -
No vacillating God
Ignited this Abode
To put it out -

:Semen lies in contraceptive, thus by extension in the “ignited abode” the aroused vagina – so penis glans must have meant crumb orgasm to follow upon it.

He went by sleep that drowsy route

:This seems to apply to penis taking his quanta emission route, but I believe it actually means vagina in unaroused fondling motions, to start in the race at moment of ejaculation stance in glans. The “surmising Inn” answers for contraceptive.

But love is tired and must sleep
And hungry and must graze.

:Fondling is tiresome and becomes indifferent, but it remains hungry and will go for the crumb .

Which blesses most,
The lip that can,
Or that that went to sleep
With “if I could” endeavouring
Without the strength to shape?

:This seems to me doubly ambiguous, even though she probably did not mean it to be so: What she for certain asks is this: which gives the greater bliss, the glanslip in ejection stance which could give mutual climax, or the glanslip under semen, with erection too far gone for a firming up to afford the crumb? (she takes the pathos of the final impotence for reward – and that now brings me to the insight that it is not penis in crumb failure, but penis failing impotently in the fondling phase al¬ready, that gives the reward, and it may indeed be that of snatch, not the magnanimity of taking good will in place of performance. The other meaning would be that the “lip” is her own, which “can” in crumb orgasm but failed in mutual because she could not form the “prayer” stance.