Synonyms: slowly

Pre-analysis Assumption

it being a term comparing speeds in motion, it is to be assumed that “slow” will have reference to motions in intercourse. It should throw some light into the problems of synchronization of penis-motions with vagina motions with each other.

As slow her flambeaux burn away

:Flambeaux are Semen quanta most likely; “slow” is univocal.

The slow – Archangels syllables
Must awaken her!

:Crumb orgasm seems to be described. Whether “archangel” is vagina or glans under semen, or semen, I cannot say for sure. Since subtle procedure seems to be involved, “slow” may mean just this ; subtlety.

211 Come slowly – Eden

:This seems to invoke the mutual climax, but goes for crumb orgasm even better. The caution to go slow seems to be directed at penis.

Stealth’s slow

:Stealth hints at a subtlety again, and that would be vagina’s, but if it is to gain the mutual or the crumb, I cannot make out.

The Day came slow – till Five o’clock

:Refers to slowness in fondling phase, penis must have been tardy.

I gained it so -
By climbing slow ¬

: this is subtlety in gaining glans again, and again uncertain whether for mutual or crumb.

But turning back – ’twas slow

:The theme seems to be frustration in mutual, but could be that in crumb also

Slow Gold – but everlasting -

:Semen emission slowed in the grip of the vaginal cup during mutual climax.

What Holiday
Would stir his slow conception -

:Seems to be a hint to penis that mutual climax could have delicious advantages for him.

But stars – go slow – for night -

:She makes the attempt at mutual and her appeal is to the semenquanta to “go slow”.

Mould my slow mind to his comprehension -

:Whether this refers to a subtlety in the attempt at the mutual,or at the crumb, I do not know.

A Triumph – when Temptation’s Bribe
Be slowly handed back -

:Guess-work goes hard today! The "triumph"of the first stanza may be crumb orgasm, that of the second mutual climax, the one in the third a refraining from taking the free snatch, as opportunity offered.

Slow – Night – that must be watched away -

:Seems patient endurance of premature ejaculation.

Then – how they waded – slow – slow

:The fingers hurrying and then wading likely are vaginal fondling motions.

’Twas not my blame – who sped too slow -

:Vagina failed, through slowness of motions, to gain orgasm, whether it was mutual or crumb she was out after

Forgive me, if the Grave come slow -

:She apologizes for holding off penis collapse through glans fondling in crumb attempt.

It ceased to hurt me, though so slow -

:The poem may have reference to emotional outer developments in her love experience, and yet the description could be again of crumb orgasm. “Slow” has rather often just univocal meaning.

But slowest instant ends -

:An impatience in waiting out the ejaculation is indicated.

Then draw my little letter forth -
And slowly pick its lock -

:The poem explains best if it is taken as description of a complete intercourse, in which penis is the letter. To “slowly pick its lock” then, would mean a slow getting under way of the fondling action.

Defeat – a somewhat slower – means -

:It could mean the subtle crumb attempt.

The narrow Round – the Stint -
The slow exchange of Hope -
For something passiver- Content
Too steep for looking up -

The “slow exchange” is from hope of mutual to attempt at crumb.“Slow” can be symbolic of that which is absent in it: spirit, arousal, the hurried scramble for gain.

How high Unto the Saint’s slow diligence -
The Sky -

“saints” must be vagina here, striving diligently but too slowly for the “Sky” which this time substitutes for mutual climax.

712 We slowly drove – He knew no haste

This can be placed in the synchronized fondling motion of the first phase.

That I unto Himself adjust
My slow idolatry -

:It would console to see her getting mutual climax here again for once, but we cannot be certain.

I stepped from Plank to Plank
A slow and cautious way -

:This seems attempt at gaining glans for mutual climax.

Ruin is formal – Devil’s work
Consecutive – and slow -

:The hint seems to be that failure in mutual is foreshadowed early in the fondling phase, but perhaps it is penis who crumbles and vaginal fondling that does the devil’s work.

The larger slower grow
And later hang -

:This poem establishes the claim that female orgasm, though it is slow in coming, surpasses penis ejaculation in magnitude, and this, surprisingly in the crumb orgasm (Indian Summer Noon of the fourth stanza).

Oh Sumptuous Moment slower go
That I may gloat on thee

One must guess at mutual climax, but the symbolism affords not enough handles to be sure.

A Past of Plank and Nail
And slowness – then the Scaffolds drop
Affirming it a Soul.

In the first 8 lines vaginal fondling service is the props that raises the house of penis. In the final 4 lines female orgasm en¬ters as “perfected life”. It is in crumb orgasm.

Inured to slower things
Birds with dismay

:Inured to crumb orgasm – perhaps. The poem seems to state a philosophical insight, but I cannot capture it.

Go slow, my soul, to feed thyself
Upon his rare approach -

:He commends herself to subtlety in gaining the crumb.

I thought the Train would never come -

:Quanta emission was slow in coming.

How slow the Wind -
How slow the Sea -
How late their Feathers be!

:The old lover’s intercourses grow slowly toward impotence.

Or in protracted bruise
Remained a few slow years with us

:Poor, impotent, old lover once more, his penis that is.

The Possible’s slow fuse is lit
By the Imagination

:What specific intravaginal experience gave birth to this insight I cannot imagine, but we can be sure of its general source .

They talk as slow as Legends grow
No mushroom is their mind
But foliage of sterility
Too stolid for the wind -

:Penis rather impotent again! “No mushroom is their mind” would say no grossly erected glans can be produced by such lukewarm excitedness.