Synonyms: spirits

Pre-analysis Assumption

all I can say about this term is, that there is no better word in any language, as far as I can guess, for which it could stand symbol, than for itself. That means, it must be un¬derstood by its possible alignments in the sexual field. If i have to give a definition beforehand, it would be that it is a will to live one’s sexual life; to emancipate oneself from the social taboos and inhibitions that constrain its full assertion; to have not only the desire, but also the strong will, to participate in sexual life, and to continue in it without any pruderies whatsoever; that it is especially the selfassertion of the female will in the heterosexual act, to achieve, by whatever stratagem necessary, the fulfillment of its own orgasmic desire, a will, therefore, to meet the male desire in opposition and in battle, to gain that end. “Spirit” could there¬fore be an opposing manifestation of the female integrity in the sexual participation to that other one which is symbolized as “love”. Webster gives good definitions: 1. breath, the breath of life; 2. a breath of air, air, wind; 3. the immaterial intelligence of man; that which makes the body alive, (thus the excitation, the stir); 4. the soul; 5. an apparition, specter, ghost; etc..

Their spirits meet together, they make them solemn vows,

:Their sexual desires meet together.

Who built this little Alban House
And shut the windows down so close
My spirit cannot see?

:The “Alban House” is contraceptive; semen emission shuts down the “windows” of its film, so that the aroused orgasmic desire of Vagina flounders in its loss of contact with the glans.

It cannot be my Spirit -
For that was thine, before

:It cannot be a lack of willingness in me to participate, for I have given you animated proofs of my ardor and vigor.

An Unconcern so sovreign
To Universe, or me -
Affects my simple spirit
With Taints of Majesty -

:Penis’ unconcerned preoccupation with his own climactic interest presents an affront and challenge to vagina’s orgasmic desire, so that she discards the fondling action and proceeds with motions that will lead to a contractive slip on the glans in mutual climax

Such Spirit makes her perpetual mention,

Though this is in another booklet than the one above (290), it seems the poem’s theme has the same situation for subject: a defiant, or at least unabashed, vagina, securing the mutual climax. I have seen a predominantly lesbian concern in the outer theme of this poem, and in that I may still be right.

I held my spirit to the Glass,

:Vaginal contracting grip making contact with the contraceptive’s dome.

Fashion My Spirit quaint – white -

:The “spirit” symbol here would help to make of this poem a description of the trigger moment preceding mutual climax, as vagina acts and reacts in it.

And so – upon this wise – I prayed -
Great Spirit – Give to me
A Heaven not so large as Your’s,

:For once “spirit” appears as male coital intent.

To spare these Striding Spirits
Some Morning of Chagrin -

:A difficulty of “who’s who” lies in this poem: much indicates that she appeases herself here with crumb orgasm, since the mutu¬al has been lost but if the “striding spirits” were vagina’s hope for mutual orgasm, how can the crumb orgasm “spare them some mor¬ning of chagrin”, and even if we assume that her “wrenching for his firmament” during p’s ejaculation phase enabled her to proceed With a good start on the crumb attempt, how can the glans under se¬men be a “gnat embracing her” in crumb orgasm? Must not vagina in crumb orgasm be the “gnat” doing the “embracing”?

578 That if the Spirit – like to hide
Its Temple stands, always,

:If I interpret the “body grows without” as meaning penis assumes his ejaculation stance, I cannot make any headway with discovering the meaning of this poem; but if I take it to mean that it is the clitoris that “grows”, then things begin to take shape: she can take clitoris-rub for her salvation “if the spirit like to hide”, (if she is too shy for either mutual or crumb). This would be the first poem in which I can see a possible pointing to this intermediary resource, lying between crumb and automanipulation, but of course, it would be difficult to prove. Intuition is so prone to miscalculation.

God the Spirit’s Honor -
Just as sure -

:I have inclined to take her use of the trinity symbols for indicating penis in the triple performance. If this were to apply here and “sorrow” should mean vaginal frustration, then she has suffered trice in a night’s love encounter. That’s the best guessing I can do about this.

When Sense from Spirit files away -

:Another one of those few poems that seem to run counter to all insights I so far think I have gained about her symbolic poetry. This has much to point to crumb orgasm but surely wilting glans under semen cannot be the “atom – I preferred – to all the lists of clay”. Could it have an outer meaning only, even if expressed by inner symbolism? If so, which is the “atom”, Kate or Sam? I probably will be long in solving this. “Sense and spirit” is obscure.

The Spirit is the Conscious Ear -

:There are term alignments and symbols that bring on one insolvable sense capsule after the other, while there are some in which sailing is easy. This “spirit” business makes me so tired, I walked away from it several times already today. The “ear” is vaginal alertness towards symptoms in penis, that ejaculative rise is imminent. The “conscious ear”, the “spirit”, might indicate that vaginal hope, rather than vaginal “faith” is listening with it.

Suffice Us – for a Crowd -
Ourself – and Rectitude -
And that Assembly – not far off
From furthest Spirit – God ¬

:"ourself and rectitude means vagina in arousal and penis in optimum erection, the “assembly not far off” is the semen emission. “Furthest spirit” would indicate that mutual has been missed, or be missed. Thus it is immaterial whether vagina is “furthest spirit” or penis, since either is as far from the other as the other from itself.

This is a Blossom of the Brain -
small – italic Seed
Lodged by Design or Happening
The Spirit fructified -

:Orgasmic contraction, successfully slipping on glans in mutual climax, most probably. The “spirit fructified” would say if aroused desire had not been ready for the occasion, it would have missed it when the “spot” the stimulus for it came.

The Muscle grappled as with leads
That would not let the Will -
The Spirit shook the Adamant -
But could not make it feel.

:“crisis” moment is again subject. “Adamant” would be penis in ejaculation stance, thus aroused orgasmic desire does the shaking. Again that strange situation: if penis does not touch the spot, orgasm can not be triggered, no matter how hard vagina tries. The case might be entirely individual, a psychic dependence on the lover to which Emily apparently had become conditioned.

Death is a Dialogue between
The Spirit and the Dust.

:If “dust” is semen emitted, then “spirit” goes over to her other trust: crumb orgasm.

And Spirit turned unto the Dust
“Old Friend, thou knowest me”

:Orgasmic desire in aggressive attempt at either mutual or crumb.

It only held itself aloof
Like something spiritual -

:It was orgasmic desire slipping onto the glans.

Its Hour with itself The Spirit never shows.

:There is something of a hint here that, if vagina would strut freely in her orgasmic desire, it would appear nymphomaniacal and terrorize penis.

Is part of an inquiry That will receive reply When Flesh and Spirit sunder In Death’s Immediately ¬

:First an aside: it seems to me that for ‘immediately" Emily meanthere "immediacy’’. The “birds” are semen rise, “summer morning” can locate in ureth¬ra, “before the quick of day” before vagina had time to get ready for the mutual leap, “death and spirit sunder” can apply to penis as “flesh” (erection) and “spirit” (the semen emission); or to penis as “flesh”, vagina as “spirit”.

A Spirit – how doth it accost -
What function hath the Air?

:“spirit” is orgasmic desire attempting the crumb orgasm, glans under semen is “whiter than an Indian Pipe”.

Her spirit rose to such a hight
Her countenance it did inflate
Like one that fed on awe.

:This lends itself to double explanation: “her” can be penis, his “spirit” the ejaculative arousal, purple glans in stance the "in¬flated countenance. Or “her” is vagina, “spirit” orgasmic desire, “inflated countenance” vaginal expansion to accommodate the glans grasp in mutual.

I watched the fluttering spirit
That would not intercede

:This would be penis in erection and emission, not giving the cue for mutual climax; the variants “bought” and “vanquished” indicate crumb orgasm. The “humility price” she sets on her “succoring” act introduces an obscure element: either penis was impotent and needed extra fondling, or the poem is lesbian and refers to an intimacy during Kate’s last visit to Amherst, 1876 or 1877.

The Spirit does not stand -
Himself – at whatsoever Fathom
His Native Land.

:This either says "vaginal orgasmic arousal can find its home at whatever depth of penetration penis reaches, being early in snatch, deepest in mutual, and on retrograde in crumb; or it means penis excitation can cause him to unload at whatever depth within vagina he penetrated to.

The Spirit lasts – ……
But as the Spirit furnishes -…….
The Spirit lurks within the Flesh …

:This Rosetta Stone poem on the symbol “spirit” seems to inform us that sexuality itself is really the thing, that, if it is not present, or not aroused, in either partner, that partner cannot a¬chieve fulfillment, whatever the other does do help him.

He ate and drank the precious words -
His Spirit grew robust -

:I like to see in this “he” vagina, learning to use ejaculation as her food, and “her bequest of wings” the lifting of penis. Beside this I have always preferred to see in the outer poem a comment on her own poetry and poetic emancipation that enabled her to leave behind what is, most probably, the greatest sexological treatise left behind by any human being, ever.

The Lassitudes of Contemplation
Beget a force
They are the spirit’s still vacation
That him refresh -

:Abstract endurance of the premature ejaculation is probably the “lassitude of contemplation”; vagina seems to derive from it a renewed vigor that enables her to secure the crumb orgasm.

But sustenance is of the spirit

:Applies, how so truly, to crumb orgasm and/or autoerotic compensation.

The spirit looks upon the Dust
That fastened it so long
With indignation,

:Vagina under restriction, losing orgasm, indignant at penis/male.

Cohesive as the Spirit

:Penis “touching the spot”, giving the cue for mutual, shows teamwork, which is cohesion of spirit in the vagina.

Returning is a different Route
The Spirit could not show

:A relatively early poem, complaining about missed mutual, but cheerfully eying crumb orgasm.

Blush, my spirit, in thys Fastness -

:Vaginal orgasmic desire, outraged too often during these first seven years of heterosexual experience.