Synonyms: stars

Preanalysis assumption: The “star” symbol has always been one of the more troublesome to me. The sensecapsules in which it appears are usually difficult to decipher and often seem unimportant, thus suggesting that “star” is somewhat of a filler symbol, useful to make the general articulation of the secret language more fluent. Nonetheless, she must have connected with it some precise meanings. As far as I can make out it appears often as a penis/semen connotation. Consulting Webster I find that “star” is defined as a “heavenly body that disperses or strews out light” and that of course is a perfect penisinejaculation symbol. Whether it has a female meaning also and what it is, I do not know. I often thought it stands for clitoris, but I am simply not sure about it.

Nov. 14, 1977
Because my analysis missed the point that the circuit of stars goes around the sun, I missed it’s main significance: that of intravaginal orgasmic arousal that makes for gaining the glans. I have 62 entries here but with most of my deductions about them I would have to go back to the drawing board. That the whole of the 196971 effort at symbol definition will need serious reconsideration follows from my growing awareness that all poems written after the beginning of the Kate experience must be carefully searched for their lesbian content. I do not yet know whether the double language gradually created a fulfledged vocabulary for the lesbian experience also but it appears more and more probable.