Synonyms: sundown, sunset

Pre-analysis Assumption

“Sunrise” seems to symbolize mainly the beginning of the male ejaculation. It probably includes the gross, purple glans, the ejaculation stance, and the semen rise in urethra. Whether it has a female meaning also, I do not yet know, nor in what way, exactly, it differs from “morning” and from “dawn”.Since “sun” may most often be identifiable with penis/glans in emission, “sunset”, logically, should mean penis/glans going into collapse after emission. Since this, in turn, is the occasion when crumb orgasm takes place, “sunset” may also stand for crumb orgasm. “Sun” has been found to have occasionally a female meaning, whether “sunset” has such a one also, beside the one just named: crumb orgasm, remains to be seen.

It’s stiller than the sundown.
It’s cooler than the dawn -

: This very early poem has as theme for its outer version very likely the incident of the first seduction. It is hard to see what inner meaning the “stiller than the sundown” has here. This must wait upon a later analysis.

Bring me the sunset in a cup,
Reckon the morning’s flagons up
And say how many Dew,

: Sunset be ejaculation’s ending. To “bring it in a cup” can mean to bring it in the contraceptive, then the subsequent event will be crumb orgasm; or it may say: “let it be emission into narrow vaginal cup”, that would mean mutual climax.

Dukes for Setting Sun!

: Whether she means with “Dukes” here prince or fist, I cannot say, but I would guess that “setting sun” is crumb orgasm. To be noted: “setting sun” can also be understood as “to set the sun”, to take: the glans in orgasmic grasp and bring her to collapse.

So Sunset shuts my question down
With Cuffs of Chrysolite!

: This, the poem, is coy questioning with which she delights to describe crumb orgasmic fondling in process.

God calls home – the Angels – promptly
At the Setting Sun -

: Penis/glans remove promptly from vagina after ejaculatory collapse.

Sunset-at Easter -

: “Easter” may have had for her the meaning of “a festival for the goddess of Spring”, as lifted so from Websters. If so, a clear understanding of the meaning of “spring” could throw light into this three word exclamation. That “sunset” is penis/glans demise is obvious from the whole context of the poem; that it comes at a wrong time is clearly hinted also.

This is the land – the Sunset washes -

: Glans under semen is the land, together with contraceptive. “Sunset” is crumb orgasmic process.

When on the everlasting Hill
A Smaller Purple grows
At sunset,

: I don’t quite get the sense of “me change!, me alter!” The smaller purple that grows on the everlasting hill I take for the les¬ser erection of glans under the fondling of crumb orgasmic attempt.

Sing – at its pain – as any Workman -
Notching the fall of the Even Sun!

: “ages” obviously is here vagina; penis is adviced, it seems, to go slow in ejaculation, to make his collapse bearable for her (pro¬bably through proffering so the chance at crumb orgasm).

How the old Mountains drip with Sunset -

: “how the old penis drips with semen”.

And He – could reproduce the Sun -
At period of going down -

: “he who could re-erect his glans at moment of emission-final” The poem clamours for crumb orgasm.

I send two Sunsets -

“his ample sunset” is obvious; her own “sunset” is of course her own orgasm, but whether it is snatch, mutual or crumb I can not see.

Till Sundown crept – a steady Tide -

: Semen emission.

Whose Windows – Night and Morn
Caught Sunrise first – and Sunset – last -
Then – held an Empty Pane -

: The outer, or vagina-facing side of the contraceptive is her “window”; it transmits to her the coming of the ejaculation stance, the emission, and the glans collapse.

Sunset at Night – is natural
But Sunset on the Dawn
Reverses Nature – Master -
So Midnight’s – due – at Noon.

:The “night”, “midnight” symbolism still obscures the exact meaning of this poem for me, even though its general trend is so obvious, especially in the second stanza. I was inclined to take “dawn” for snatch orgasm, and penis inhibition the “midnight due at noon”; but now it seems that “dawn” is rather the vaginal arousal making ready for the leap of mutual climax, which, if frustrated, would be “midnight at noon”. The poem is so cleverly made up in double deceptions and ambiguities that one even could take the “predictable eclipses” for female ones, and the meaning of “Jehovah’s watch is wrong” not for his premature ejaculation but for his frustrated collapse in impotence.

I live with Him – I see His face -
I go no more away
For Visiter – or Sundown

:Looking through my analyses of the symbols “face”, “death”, “immortality!”, “time” and “life”, appearing in this poem, I can see how understanding progressed and retrogressed alternately, and I am not even now able to make an educated guess about it. This sentence: “I go no more away for visiter or sundown” obfuscates more than it elucidates. That she opens up with: “I am aroused with him, I am on his glans (or have it within grasp)” seems unquestionable. “to go no more away for sundown” should mean: “I am no more meekly accepting defeat in mutual climax, resigned to get crumb orgasm afterwards”, but what can “visiter” mean in the context of crumb orgasm?

Unconscious that the Sun
Be setting on His progress -

:The “traveller” here seems to be vagina in subtly slow crumb orgasmic attempt. There is inconsistence in that, as “traveller” is mostly penis. But this can pass. An illogic comes in by declaring the feeling content a “despair” while at the same time saying that the suffering party is unconscious of its imminence. Sun setting on the progress must mean penis collapses before the crumb orgasm could be realised.

As near yourself – Today -
As Children, to the Rainbow’s scarf -
Or Sunset’s Yellow play
To eyelids in the Sepulchre -

: Has no one ever pity on me, for having one such riddle after the other thrown at me, and me supposed to snap the solution off just like that!

: “children” be semen, “rainbow” the bowing emission of semen, its “scarf” the contraceptive, “sunset’s yellow play” crumb orgasmic process, “eyelids in the sepulchre” lip of glans which is in total wilt within the contraceptive. That “color’s revelations break and blaze the butterflies” nullifies all that, for it goes back to purple glans in emission and orgasmic arousal being “blazed” by it, and yet the “dancer” – penis – lying dumb, that is impotent, exhausted.

’Twas Sabbath – with the Bells divorced -
’Twas Sunset – all the Day -

: Glans under the semen be the “ample peace”, the “sabbath with the bells divorced”, a “sunken sun” all through the crumb orgasmic attempt. (day).

An ignorance a Sunset
Confer upon the Eye -

: I have interpreted that to mean: " a semen emission in which we could not share with mutual orgasm confers upon our intravaginal lon¬ging an image of contracepted space, purple glans, a penis of op¬timum diameter and an exhaustion and collapse, of that grand tableau afterwards.

They called me to the Window, for
“Twas Sunset” – Some one said -

: Semen arrives at contraceptive film, announcing to vagina that emission is in advanced progress and soon due to cease. The vehicle for this poem may well have been the occasion of that extraordinary sunset which so excited old man Dickinson, so it is told in her letters, that he went and ordered the village bells to be tolled. I would like to know whether that impetuous action on the part of the stead old gentlemen was prompted by a casual remark of Emily that this be cause of (not for) bell ringing?

Sunset – reviews her Sapphire Regiment -

: Crumb orgasmic process of shoving semen aside would be “review of the sapphire regiment” – but since Teneriffe/penis is still in “thigh of granite and thew of steel” “sunset” may well be taking place on the glans with vagina attempting the mutual share. “Purple of ages” refer to the female coloration in high orgasmic excitation.

Efflorescence of a Sunset -_

: Though she wants to have the “bloom upon the mountain” and the efflorescence of a Sunset just stated, not named I yet would identify: the first is the flower of ejaculation arising on penis, the second the ebbing out of the emission.

The Sun kept setting – setting -

: Emission ebbed out, quanta by smaller quanta.

We passed the Setting Sun -

: We passed the stage of emission ending

Nature will – that it be Night
After Sun has set -

: The hint is at crumb orgasm – “memory and I” not hesitating, in the final two lines, make this certain.

This seems a Home -
And Home is not -
But what that Place could be -
Afflicts me – as a Setting Sun -
Where Dawn – knows how to be -

: The “dawn” symbol still has me stumped here; besides, I still cannot yet make out whether "this – this pattern – of the Way " refers to lesbian experience or a way of learning the accomplishment of mutual climax.

The Sunset stopped on Cottages
Where Sunset hence must be

: This seems to commemorate a crumb orgasm lost.

Nature rarer uses Yellow
Than another Hue.
Saves she all of that for Sunsets
“sunset’s yellow” is the semen handled in crumb orgasm. “prodigal of blue” is semen painting the sky of contraceptive. The “spending of scarlet” refers to purple glans and the female orgasmic coloration serves as its pattern of comparison.

Count not that far that can be had,
Though sunset lie between -

: Crumb orgasm comes after emission, that is: can then be had.

“Sunset” sounds majestic

: The “battle of Burgoyne” to which this “sunset” refers to, is the battle of “Bunker Hill”, and this is identifiable with the semen piles around the glans (where the “fathers” lay down in poem 3) and thus, finally, with crumb orgasm.

I’d rather recollect a setting
Than own a rising sun

: Strange as it is, she says here plainly: " I would rather have the crumb orgasm than the mutual one." The latter is the “true” one, the former “beautiful forgetting”.

As intimate as fugitive
As Sunset on the Snow ¬

: Crumb orgasm.

Sunset that screens, reveals -
Enhancing what we see

: Refers to shoving semen out of way in crumb attempt.

For I wear the “Thorns” till Sunset -
Then – my Diadem put on.

:“I wear the pains of fondling servitude and frustrated mutual till emission is ended – then put the diadem or trinket of crumb orgasm on”.

Pernicious as the sunset
Permitting to pursue
But impotent to gather,

: Pernicious as a crumb attempt that leads to frustration.