“Touch“ is a symbol of the union of male and female in the sexual act and comes down to the very specific connection of uteral contractive region with glans, which she occasionally makes even more specific as a kissing of glanslip with uteral orifice. “Touch” is negative when it remains a unsuccessful attempt at gaining the glans; it is golden when in mutual climax Receives the emission in its contractive cup. “Touch” is also that most coveted of penis’ action which connects with that spot within vagina that triggers the female orgasm (however imagined this “spot” and its "touching“ be). “touch” seems to refer to mutual climax mostly; or orgasmic fondling of glans under semen is contemplation (l241). In 1596 she analyses the triggering aspects of climax and makes the cogent observation that “music in the violin” (penis or vagina) “does not emerge alone but arm in arm with touch” and then proffers the astounding statement “yet touch alone is not a tune”. “Touch” serves her also as a symbol for the subtleties of vaginal knowhow in lifting penis, even though in the occasions the underlying hope is always that of triggering her own participation in mutual climax.