Synonyms: transporting, transported, transports

Assumption: the term is used as a transitive verb mostly and in these two meanings: 1. as an ejaculation symbol meaning the conveyance of semen from the testes into the contraceptive, with vagina often the transporting agent and male premature eagerness also one such. 2. as a symbol for the male pleasurable excitement during this ejaculation. As a vessel of conveyance it would be a vagina symbol, though the erect penis can be considered one also; however, she prefers to use for symbols of this kind different, by name and function identifiable, contraptions of conveyance, such as “ship”, “wagon”, “vessel”, “train”, “balloon”, “carriage”, “phaeton” “chariot”, “car”, etc. Since ejaculation can be considered to be an "ecstatic transfer of semen from testicles to vagina contraceptive, “transport” aptly covers both these aspects.