Synonyms: winds

Preanalysis assumptions: I believe the wind symbol derives from two sources: l. from the sensate awareness of imminent ejaculation, 2. from a group of visualisations of penis in ejaculation, all going back to one basic symbolpicture: that of a pole from which something flatters, the flag, and which depends for its fluttering on the wind. And so, by extension of this basic concept, anything driven by the wind becomes an ejaculation symbol. “wind” is thus the force that brings ejaculation about. Of its nature and origin she seems to have two concepts: 1. it is innate male force and will, bent on ejaculation; 2. it is the female “loving bosom action” that brings that force into being and maximum excitation. As far as I can see, “wind” is never an orgasmic force, it be then when she conceives of orgasm as a ship that is being cast upon the sea.