Synonyms: witnessed, witnessing

Semen is usually the witness that attests to intercourse having taken place. The" gauze" (contraceptive) (263) also is such witness. “To witness sunrise” is to participate in mutual climax (294), (432, 463). “her witness hinders them” (538) if her leap for the mutual is premature. “Compound witness” (553) might mean mutual climax. “Witness is not here” in 667 means her failure at gaining the mutual. “My witness was the Crape I bore” seems to refer to semen emission caught in tight vaginal cup during mutual. Their witnesses were not" of 783 indicates failure at mutual again. The “hazel witnesses” would seem to be uteral orifice in orgasmic moistness but could mean glanslip in emission. “Convex witness” is glans, “concave” one vaginal cup in the mutual. “Witness for the crown” (1079) is vaginal cup in mutual. ‚ÄěThat all may witness it and more" (l644) that everybody may know participation in sexual intercourse. “Who witnesses believes” (1722) means mutual climax is the proof of the male’s reciprocity. The “cricket as witness” in 1775 is the semen accumulation in the contraceptive.