Synonyms: women

Mostly univocal sense; often means wife; possibly the lesbian beloved occasionally. Its simplest sexual alignment: the female partner in hetero sexual intercourse. The “woman white” probably the frustrated woman, enduring premature ejaculation. “Where women breathe”: where women experience the sensation of orgasm. 588 and 596 offer a faint suggestion that “woman” may go as penis symbol also. “Woman knead a dough” (824): vagina fondles a lagging penis into prime erection. “A breathing woman . . . endowed with – Paradise”: vagina in orgasm on glans in mutual climax (1046). “My husband” Women say stroking the melody": vagina in fondling action and probably in mutual climax also(1072). “A woman’s shawl as big”: refers to a penis semen emission “as big as a woman’s vagina” (l693). “Woman’s son” is penis, as “son of vagina”.