Synonyms: words

Preanalysis assumption: “word” is a climax symbol, in the sense of one sexual partner making a succinct communication to the other. It is a succinct “word” when either ejaculation or orgasm is premature. It may also mean interdiction, and, in many cases have univocal sense.
Before starting on this analysis I want to make a remark: I have been considering dropping this work entirely in the last few days. For several reasons: no new situations have appeared now for some time, that would help to further structure the internal happenings in intercourse. The repetitions become ever more tiring. I look aghast at the more than 20 000 analyses of entries which are still to be made. What is the use to keep on with that, if little new should be revealed, while at the same time the memory is to be burdened with such an enormous additional load? As to the revelations about the inner happenings in the sexual act: by and large, Emily can give only her own individual case. A summation of her case might be all that is needed to establish her contribution to sexology. There are other women that now come out with such revelations, and before long there may exist a “literature” on the subject ad nauseam. I can envisage a situation when it would be impossible to publish my findings, not because they are too advanced for our time, but indeed, because they come behind them, that is: too late to stir up much of interest anymore. Much of the reasons that speak for publication would then be destroyed after all I must not forget that the secret half of her poetry, if it is revealed, could possibly ruin the values of the other half, that, for which the poetry is known and esteemed. At present there is one aspect that would urge me on in the task for at least a while longer: there must be a point in her creative work when the concerns of the secret inner half exhausted their raison d’ĂȘtre for her, just as they are doing it for me now. Therefore I should expect that a great number of symbols and alignments have been created, not to give still greater variation of expression on a subject that has been overkilled already, but for the purpose of being able to treat general themes and human concerns, as a poet, within the consistence of her secret vocabulary. I have not expressed myself well. But I know what I mean, and will therefore, proceed with my work for another stretch.