Synonyms: years

Preanalysis assumption: I have learned that “year” stands symbol for female phase in the heterosexual intercourse. Just as “day” stands for the male phase, so does “year” mean one act, one intercourse, one cohabitation, one coitus, or, as the AngloSaxons say: one fuck. But this identification is a loose one, easy enough to make, and not much of an eyeopener for a look into the secret language. It is for me to find out where, when and how this symbol takes on specific meaning. As a time symbol it measures the duration of an activity, the sexual one. We may expect that its general meaning will comprise further special meanings as contained in its subdivisions : the seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter; also the single months. We need not expect that these meanings will always be in consistent agreement with each other, since the symbolism may derive from several and different visualizations. Being tied to the “sun” symbol, the year should mark the rotation of the “earth” around the “sun”, that is to say of vagina around penis/glans/ejaculation, just as “day” marks the rotation of the “sun” around the “earth”, that is to say: the penis circuit over the vaginal interior. Just as in the “day” symbolism “morning”, “noon”, “afternoon”, “evening”, “twilight”, “night”, “midnight” and “dawn” divide the happenings in the sexual act into different, clearly recognizable phases, so it may be expected that the seasons and the months also convey symbolisations of different phases and significances of and within the sexual act. The “year” symbol has one distinct advantage in that it can use the subdistinction of the “solstice”, the passing from one season into the other. As such it can pinpoint the change from lovingbosom service into the period of hurried vaginal effort to gain the crumborgasm.