Refers in a general way to the location of the vagina on the female body, but mostly specifically to the uterus/cervix region or intravaginal cup which remains “below” penis’s deepest penetration during, climax. Thus: “one below this morning is where the angels are” (l8) means the vaginal cup that was not yet in contact with glans at moment of ejaculation (morning) has now slipped its contracting grip on the glans in mutual climax. The “hand below” (20), “enterprise below” (54), “cocoon below” (129), “voices trained below” (l67), “trance below” (l95) “orchard far below”, (483) the “life below” (673), “world below” (737), “commonwealth below”, (763), “ourselves asleep below” (993), "below division is adhesion’s forfeit (1040), “heaven below” (l205), “firmament below” (1344), “the ones I loved below” (1410),“below the body speaks” (1596) “cart of man in road below” (1636) all refer to inmost vaginal reactions at time of penis climax or after it and can cover frustration, arousal, mutual climax or attempt at it, and crumb orgasmic process. In a few instances the “below” refers to penis and his deepest penetration, “orchard” in 483 could mean the contraceptive for instance." The ones I loved below" in 1410 can include the lesbian beloved and both hers and Emily’s own vestibule and clitoris.