Poem VAR #54

If I should die
and you should live
and time should gargle on
and morn should beam
and soon should burn
as it has usual done
if birds should build as early
and bees as bustling go
one might depart at option
from enterprise below
’tis sweet to know that stocks will stand
when we with daisies lie
that commerce will continue
and trades as briskly fly
it makes the parting tranquil
and keeps the soul serene
that gentlemen so sprightly
conduct the pleasing scene

Subject: the “eyelooks out on the bay again and speculates on the outcome of a new intercourse which is in the moment of transition from fondling to consummation. It contemplates a snatch orgasm apparently. Symbolically, this is another Rosetta stone poem with many new symbols. I will translate to the best of my present understanding:

1. if I should take a snatch at you.
2. and you be not frustrated
3. and intercourse just gargle on
4. I in my best arousal
5. you reaching highest flame at noon
6. as is your wont of doing
7. my bird make ready for the nest
8. your bees abustling going
9. I might depart at my own will
10. from fondling chore down under
11. ’tis sweet to know your penis stands
12. when any orgasm beds me
13/14 and the exchange of yours for mine
and mine for yours inveigles
15. it makes slipover tranquil
16. and keeps the vag serene
17. when such a lively penis
18. conducts the pleasing scene.


HWL's Comment

Date of writing: 1979

Comment: quod erat demonstrandum with apology to Emily who said it and nicely. By that token alone she needs no excuse, as she will prove with every new poem as we go along. As for me my task is to tell it as it is, or as nearly as possible.