Pre-analysis Assumption

“Noon” belongs with the Day/sun complex. It denotes the culminating point of actual intercourse: maximum penis erection, glans expansion and glans coloration. I have mistakenly believed that it meant ejaculation in it¬self and from that made the conclusion, equally in error, that “afternoon” meant orgasm, while it actually is ejacu¬lative period of penis. All the analyses made of “day”, “morning”, “sun” will have to be reconsidered, which they would have to be anyhow, since a number of new insights have come up that have an indirect bearing upon them. This work will have to wait upon the complete preliminary analyses, but I will try to give here an exposure of my present understanding of this “Day/Sun” complex: “day” generally does comprise both the male and the female phase of intercourse, but of¬ten the male phase alone, ending with evening. In contrast with the latter, more limited meaning, the female period is symbolized with “night”, and “midnight” should have the meaning of culmination point in orgasm. But this is not al¬ways so and there exists a fairly widespread confusion in the meanings of these symbols. There is a good reason for this: it seems to have taken many years before her orgas¬mic period became fixed as a technique that would be set in motion after the male ejaculation was over and deflation of penis erection beginning. Only when this method was opera¬tive did the act of intercourse become separated in two distinctive phases, and only then (as far as I can see as of now) did “morning” get a female meaning as well as a male one, and only then would “midnight” have female significance equivalent to “noon” in the male phase. In the case of free orgasm, that is the one when she unrestrainedly achieved it before male climax, or in mutual climax as a matter of course, “noon” can apply to optimum tension in orgasmic arou¬sal as well as to optimum penis erection. The history of her orgasmic experience in heterosexual intercourse can be sum¬med up like this: in the very earliest period (but after the defloration episode, which seems to have been an excessively painful and thoroughly frustrating experience) her orgasms were achieved in freewheeling style, so to speak. With an innate capacity to “go off” before her lover, she would frustrate him. This he would not accept and he forbade her explicitly to apply the technique of vaginal motions that would gain her orgasm while at the same time rendering penis impotent. Submitting to this discipline she was at first so afraid that premature orgasm might occur, that her participation in the intercourse became one of frigid noncooperation, or of very timid cooperation at best. This attitude, of course, was equally unacceptable to her fastidious lover, and it seems that under his tutelage she learned the technique of the “loving bosom” in which she developed, first, a sure habit of repressing her own orgasmic desire, and second, a vaginal “knowhow” to"lift" the penis ejaculation efficiently and in a manner extremely pleasurable to the lover. In this period frustration was her “daily” lot and it is in this period that her most poignant poems were written. Then gradually it seems she learned a method of selfgratification through clitoris-friction on penis, of which the lover was probably unaware, since he continued to receive most pleasant “loving bosom” attention. From this stage of her experience she proceeded to learn the method of achieving, orgasm quickly after penis ejaculation, and before the collapse of his erection. This method I have already described at several occasions. The experience of mutual climax seems to have come relatively late; she valued it most highly or all her orgasmic experiences except the lesbian one, which came at a still later period. Finally, in the last years of intercourse with the male lover, free, pre-ejaculative orgasm appears to have become the rule again followed by a mutual climax soon upon it. In this his last, and increasingly impotent years, the lover consented to what earlier has seemed to him to be his degradation. It is this final type of orgasmic experience which she came to proclaim the ideal one, the one all sexual partners ought to learn.

27 Morns like these – we parted
Noons like these – she rose

:In opening phase like this – I spread(or we spread out) in climactic moment like this – penis reached maximum erection.

If I should die,
And you should live -
And time should gurgle on -
And morn should beam -
And noon should burn -
As it has usual done

If I had free orgasm-
while you just kept on
our movements never ceasing
and your excitement rise
and glans achieve its purple
as it has usually done .

If night stands first – then noon
To gird us for the sun, What gaze!

If my disciplined loving motions must come first-
then your optimum erection, – to prepare us for the emission –
how I will gaze within!
When from a thousand skies
On our developed eyes
Noons blaze!

:When from a thousand contraceptives on my experienced vagina your ejaculations blaze!

Where tired Children placid sleep
Thro’ Centuries of noon

:Where tired semen will come to rest in peace
Through hundreds and hundreds of intercourses

And later, in August it may be -
When the meadows parching lie,
Beware, lest this little brook of life,
Some burning noon go dry!

:“August” is ’ripening of corn (semen)", the “little brook of life” vaginal moistness in loving bosom motion; the “parching meadow” the red-hot, dry glans; the “burning noon” a heated ejaculation.

Say if it’s really warm at noon -¬

:A reference to the lover’s admonition that she must learn to overcome frigidness and learn the way of spirited motion (but without snatching orgasm); she literally asks him: am I now giving you a really excited climactic erection?

No Wilderness can be
Where this attendeth me –
No Desert Noon -

:This poem’s theme is orgasm freely taken; “wilderness” means frustration, “desert noon” a dry climactic erection of penis, actually, a vagina that has ceased to moisten and lubricate and therefore is hurt by the optimum erection.

Corn is made at Noon -

:Semen will be reaped as soon as penis reaches “noon”, his optimum erection.

Untouched by Morning – and untouched by Noon ¬

:This poem somehow stands special among all others. I know this by feel more than by actual insight. The meanings of most the symbols that appear in the two stanzas first published (l890), are more than just vaguely clear to me and yet there is a certain confused mingling among them that befogs the sense of the the total poem. At first sight the meek members of the resurrection in the alabaster chambers would seem to refer to collapsed penis in contraceptive, but the ensuing symbolism does not support such an assumption. I have early sus¬pected that the presence of the Newman girls in the house of brother Austin prompted the contemplation that lead to the creation of this poem, and the contemplation is that of two virgin maids whose genitals (yes, Emily, as we should know by now, thinks almost exclusively in terms of genitalia and sexual activities) have not yet have had the experience of being, laid out to the male mount and penis’s climactic erec¬tion, and I translated the “alabaster chambers” into “der Krug der Düfte” – the char of perfumes, taking the cue from one of the uses the Etruscan made of alabaster: to make tiny perfume bottles from it. (From this assumption I derived the sense of the “Etruscan” symbol in general: of vaginal odors)

While runs the Rhine -
He and I-revel -
First – at the vat – and latest at the Vine -
Noon – our last Cup -

:While vagina’s lubricating moisture still runs like a river (obviously she had become sensately aware that this lubrication stops at moment of peak excitement) he and I revel in the syn¬chronized motions of the intercourse. The “vat” and “vine” mea¬nings in this connection I am not yet quite sure of, but I surmise that “vat” is the penis in maximum erection, “vine” the climbing motions of the vagina. “noon”, the climax, would then be their “last cup”. The suggestion is that it is a mutual one.

The Perfect nowhere be afraid -
They bear their dauntless Heads,
Where others dare not go at Noon,

:The perfect are penis in erection, the dauntless head the glans, and “noon” need no further elaboration.

Vespers – are sweeter than Matins – Signor -
Morning only the seed of noon -

:The male phase (morning) is compared with the female one (Vesper)- and “noon” is disposed of as a peaking and dividing moment of hardly prime interest to her.

The ode familiar-rules the Noon -

:The song of cuckoo, when laying his eggs in another bird’s nest that is – penis ejaculating.

The figures hunched with pain -
Then quivered out of Decimals -
Into degreeless Noon -

:“noon” is after ejaculation here, or during it, rather. That it is without “degree” may have a special meaning, but I cannot discover it.

It’s like the Morning -
Best – when it’s done -
And the Everlasting Clocks –
Chime – Noon!

:When the semen quanta come again to "ring the bell’.

As much of Noon as I could take
Between my finite eyes -

:“noon” is the usual, the “finiteness” of her ’eyes" not yet understood.

Or Butterflies, off Banks of Noon
Leap, plashless as they swim.

:The “banks” or "shores"of "noon’ would be the contraceptive, indirectly the vagina; the “butterflies” appear to be semen.

Her Public – be the Noon

:“noon” is the public or audience of glans.

“Midnight is due at Noon -

Orgasm is due at time of penis’ ejaculation.

You’ll know it – as you know ’tis Noon
By Glory -

:“noon” is again penis’ peaking towards ejaculation.

The Red – Blaze – is the Morning -
The Violet – is Noon -

:The color scheme applies to glans – noon brings on the purplish, blue, or violet glans.

And Bells that boldly ring
To tell him it is Noon abroad -
Myself – be Noon to Him.

:Semen quanta rising announce “noon” to him – myself would have my climax with him.
Lest Noon in Everlasting Night
Drop Gabriel-and Me -

:Lest penis loses his climax and we both experience frustration.

It was not night, for all the Bells
Put out their Tongues, for Noon.

:It was not (yet) female phase, for all the semen was clamoring to arise.

As do the Bee – … touch Liberty
Then know no more,
But Noon, and Paradise -

:The bee of comparison is penis, noon his climactic rise.

And dangles like a Mote -
Suspended in the Noon -

:“noon” stands as hitherto defined, the rest of the poem is still largely obscure.

Two Butterflies went out at Noon -
And waltzed upon a Farm -

:“farm” being glans and “noon” as given, the “two butterflies” are either contraceptive and the semen emission, or ejaculation and female orgasm.

Some such Butterfly be seen
On Brazilian Pampas -
Just at noon – no later – Sweet
Then – the License closes

:Semen emission – (orgasm?) at peaking moment.

Heaven has different signs to me –
Sometimes, I think that Noon
Is but a symbol of the place

:Meaning of “noon” stands unaltered.

I had been hungry all the Years -
My Noon had come – to dine

:“my noon” probably does not signify orgasmic tension peaking per se, but orgasm in mutual climax.

Sweet Debt of Life – each Night to owe -
Insolvent – every Noon

:In the time of loving bosom submissively serving and earning, frustration for her trouble, penis owed vagina each female phase an orgasm, and owed it because he went into insolvency at every one of his climaxes.

Can Blaze be shown in Cochineal
Or Noon in Mazarin?

:“Blaze” is the purple glans in peak excitation, "noon’ the peaking period, and its color “blue” because it is the “heaven” of penis.

What care the Dead for Winter?
Themselves as easy freeze -
June Noon – as January Night -

:What cares a collapsed penis for the female phase in in¬tercourse – he ejaculates and succumbs at every occasion.

And whether it was noon at night ¬Or only Heaven at Noon ¬

:And whether it was orgasm after ejaculation, or only penis heaven at ejaculation ¬

The Mornings blossom into Noons -

:Intercourse’s opening phase blossoms into peaking situation.

’Twas Noon – without the News of Night -

:It was penis peaking without vagina turning frigid nay, Nature, it was real intercourse, it was mutual climax! (or the lesbian satisfaction)

To bask the Centuries away -
Nor once look up – for Noon?

:Penis in collapse not interested in a new morning (the female one) nor looking up for noon (also the female one).

… the filament – of that diviner thing
That faints upon the face of Noon -

:The love that vagina can show is but to stroke out the semen strains of that divine thing penis that faints at period of ejaculation.

The Sun kept setting – setting – still
No Hue of Afternoon
Upon the Village I perceived -
From House to House ’twas Noon -

:Emission setting – setting – still
No colors of ejaculation I perceived (no semen felt I)upon the glans, from penis to vagina it was peak excitement (mutual climax).

The Noon unwinds Her Blue
Till one Breadth covers Two -

:The peaking penis unwinds his purple glans and the semen ball of his “heaven”, until vagina clasps glans and glans breadth offers climax to both of them.

Rest at Noon – some Men -
While Nature
And the Sun – go on -

:“noon” stands for male peak. The poem’s first three lines describe female phase and orgasm, the last three ejaculation; “men” in the former means penis, in the latter vagina.

Fingers of the Slim Aurora -
Not so arrogant – this Noon -

:The final function of loving bosom service seems to be des¬cribed: that of assisting penis in the semen lift, until glans lip can be closed, and, perhaps, orgasm be had.

The Color of a Queen is this -
The Color of a Sun
At setting, – this and Amber -
Beryl – and this, at Noon.

:The “queen’s” noon is orgasm; the color of penis, or emission at setting, remains undetermined, while “amber” seems color of semen, “Beryl” probably the greenish blue of glans; but all of it is a little construed. To be remembered is that “queen” is a “she” that wears a “crown”, therefore, if penis can be a “she” sometimes, then “queen” can also be symbolic of penis in ejaculation. It is indeed difficult to conceive of orgasm as a “cresting” activity unless her setting upon the glans be considered a “cresting”. However, Emily seems to have been of the opinion that a fluidic emission takes place in orgasm.

Had it a Notice from the Noon
Nor Beam would it nor warm -
Match me the Silver Reticence -
Match me the solid Calm -

:Penis in collapse is depicted, the “noon” would be the female one.

A music numerous as space -
But neighboring as Noon -

:“music” is again peaking and emission sound, that it can be numerous as space, is because it arrives in quanta through the tube of the greatly, expanded penis. During ejaculation she means to have the contraceptive-feel at the top, where glans is, but that can be a psychic illusion of how and where the point of focus is.

Did Noon – enamel – in Herself
Was Summer to a Score

:cover with porcelain or semen.

The Robin is the One
That overflow the Noon
With her cherubic quantity -

:The purple glans is the one that overflows the peaking period with her cherubic quantity (of semen).

And when on Noon
A Cloud the mighty Sun encloses

:“noon” comes out as ejaculation’s peak, the “sun” as penis, and the “cloud” as the semen emission.

’Tis Noon – My little Maid
Alas – and art thou sleeping yet?

:Penis is ready – little girl -
Why are you so behind -

Oh, for a Bee’s experience -
Of Clovers, and of Noon!

:Oh, for orgasm clamping down
on penis/glans – and “noon”.

As should a face supposed the Grave’s
Emerge a single Noon
In the Vermillion that it wore
Affect us. and return -

:The poem is on “the second Summer”- the female phase; the “noon” is orgasmic, the face supposed the grave’s: glans in semen, within contraceptive.

Noon is the Hinge of Day

:At penis’s peak erection and ejaculation the intercourse will swing to the female, orgasmic phase, as a door swings on its angles. (also: “noon is the angel on which glanslips swings”.

When the Bee hangs all Noon in the Buttercup
What will become of me?

:I presume “bee” to be penis here, the “buttercup” either the contraceptive or the vagina.

As plan for Noon as plan for Night
So differ Life and Death
In positive Prospective

:As male erection and female endeavor, so differ ejaculation and orgasm, or ejaculation and frustration.

It bloomes and dropt, a Single Noon
The Flower – distinct and Red
I passing, thought another Noon
Another in its stead
Will equal glow

I come to believe that she singularizes here her most common experience: that of purple glans emitting semen, while her hope for a second “noon” to follow upon it, orgasm – is being frustrated.

I more than once at Noon
Have passed I thought a Whip lash
Unbraiding in the Sun

:“noon” is climax, “Whip lash” the semen emission, “sun” penis.

It rises – passes – on our South
lnscribes a simple Noon
Cajoles a Moment with the Spires
And infinite is one

:It gets erect – it enters – inside my vagina
achieves ejaculation
touches the cervix briefly then collapses
leaving unfinished business in its wake

There is a Zone whose even Years
No Solstice interrupt -
Whose Sun constructs perpetual Noon
Whose perfect Seasons wait

:Clitoris Zone – the perfect seasons can be lesbian or auto manipulated.

Whose Summer set in Summer, till
The Centuries of June
And Centuries of August cease (variant: fuse for cease)
And Consciousness – is Noon.

:This topping of masturbation with a ceaseless succession of its acts can make of life a continuous existence in sexual bliss. It is in this direction alone, it seems to me, that the above sense capsule will open up.

Antiquest felt at Noon
When August burning low
Arise this spectral Canticle
Repose to typify

:“noon” is the hinge of intercourse again and “August” indicates either penis or his ejaculation, the “antiquest” felt at noon would seem to say: so accustomed to it has become common place. The spectral canticle I interpret to be orgasm. Strange that at one time I could make headway with this poem only by giving it a lesbian interpretation. The three additional stanzas describe the orgasmic phase that sets in after penis climax, and it is perhaps the most complete of all such efforts.

The Bee has perished from the Scene
And distant as an Order done
And doubtful as Report upon
The Multitudes of Noon -

:This is the additional Stanza to her famous: “the cricket sang”. It helps to make clearer that the poem is on male climax and orgasm following upon it. The “bee” here is the male one the “multitudes of noon” the semen.

A full fed Rose on meals of Tint
A Dinner for a Bee
In process of the Noon became -

:Purple glans semen covered, devoured by the orgasmic convulsions of the vagina. “In process of the noon” means here in continuation of the peaking situation of penis, thus need not necessarily mean mutual climax.

White as an Indian Pipe
Red as a Cardinal Flower
Fabulous as a Moon at Noon
February Hour -

:This stanza could go far to establish the meaning, of “winter” as that of mutual climax; at any rate “Febuary Hour” is here compared with purple glans in semen emission.

How pompuous the Wind must feel Noons

:ejaculative force at moment of optimum penis erection

He spends the evening of his noon (variant for days)

:It is a toss-up whether the “bee” of this poem is semen emission or orgasmic contraction; at any rate the “clover plain allures his jaded eye, that lowly breast where butterflies have felt it meet to die” is the glans, and though the “butterfly” dying there can be the semen emission as well as the orgasmic contraction, the probability of what is meant lies with the latter. The final definition of the symbol “south” can clarify the nature of “bee” here, for she noted a variant for “gay apostasy”:“no autumn’s intercepting chill appals that Tripoli” – and “Tripoli” is a “south” symbol, and most probably signifies the inmost vagina, cervical region and cul de sac.

The farthest Thunder that I heard
Was nearer than the Sky
And rumbles still, though torrid Noons
Have lain their missiles by -

:Torrid male climaxes with their semen emissions.

She does not ask for Noon -
She does not ask for Boon,
Crumbless and homeless, of but one request -
The Birds she lost

:That penis in the impotence of age is the “robin” here described seems hardly doubtful; but that he should request to have all the ejaculations back again he ever projected before, is indeed a very sad vale diction to his once wonted virility.

And winds go down that way at noon
To their etherial homes

:“wind” is uncertain, therefore “noon” could be male or female one.

A Chill came up as from a shaft
Our noon became a well

:Semen came up as from a tube and our orgasmic desire rose in excitation; or: a frigid feeling, rose in inner vagina and our former excitation collapsed and our frustration was like a deep emptiness.

Of this is Day composed
Of morning and of noon
A Revelry unspeakable
And then a gay unknown

:Of this is intercourse composed: a being mounted by the man, and then his penis’ rise to the climactic peak, a revelry of penis push and vaginal rotating movements and then the gay uncertainty of whether or no his climax bring on our orgasm also.

Today or this noon
She dwelt do close
I almost touched her
Tonight she lies
Past neighborhood
And bough and steeple
Now past surmise.

:Poor penis is again the poem’s hero/villain, first in coming close to touch in inner vagina during ejaculation, then his succumbing and removal. “Day” and “night” are here clearly separated as male and woman phase following upon each other in the intercourse.